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    Investment ideas

    OwnerUkraine Newbie

      I am a business owner (game and non game development) in Ukraine.


      I am looking for investor. Here are my ideas:


      1. Ukraine currently has a visible recession of prices for ground areas and building services due to the crisis.


      But according to predictions of many experts, we're waiting for the price rise in 2010-2011 because the country will come out of recession, mortgage lending will be resumed and due to coming building boom before world soccer championship Euro-2012.


      Against the background the most reasonable investment would be to invest money in building small office buildings (for one company) and small cottages (for one family) with the view of the further sale or rent.


      2. I have a friend who owns an electrical business firm in Kiev. He's been rendering different electrical services more than 5 years; as well he organized a small limited production of electrical equipment by order.


      We have an old idea to organize a serious production of equipment for the energy saving systems.


      Those systems allow an energy save and its rational usage.


      The equipment includes heating and electricity generation systems (based on Stirling engine,, electro technical equipment (boxes, brackets, supports, etc.).


      Energy saving technologies are greatly asked-for in CIS countries and all over the world. Especially, in the light of economy of natural resources, issues with the petroleum transfer, growth of price for electricity, etc.


      They would allow equipping small houses and offices providing a highest possible save of facilities and ecological compatibility.


      Also, this type of equipment may be called-for in your country.


      Considering the Ukrainian industrial-engineering base (plants, research institutes etc) and the cutting-edge technologies, such a production can be launched with relatively small investments.


      This is actually a whole perspective direction and demand for it would keep growing from year to year.


      If you are interested to talk to me, please write answer on this post or send me a message. We can earn money together.