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    Starting a home health biz in Texas

    myownbiz Newbie
      I would like to start a medical home health business in Texas. I am in the medical field but don't know how to get started. Does anyone have any suggestions, please? I understand getting medicare certification is very rigorous and takes a long time. I would love to hear other people's experiences.

      Please advice.

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          RanksIntl Adventurer

          I would like to give you any advice that I can but would it be possible to get more detail on what exactly you are trying to do? What are you specializing in as far as home health care? How much experience do you have? How soon are you looking to start? The more information you provide the more we can help!

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            christie33549 Newbie
            Here in FL you need to apply to your state and they send you forms to fill out, sign, have notarized and send back. You also have to send a set of fingerprints and have a criminal background check, pay a fee for the business itself and pay a fee for becoming the administrator. Once you're in business you can apply with Medicare. Medicare is having problems though and changes may come in the future. Otherwise you'll be working with people who will be paying cash. You can't do this kind of business alone, you'd need people to do the hands on work and a secretary and receptionist, have training and materials and handouts and maybe movies, you'd have to have a way to check peoples credentials, to send them for drug tests, to check their criminal records, and application forms, etc.
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              naseem Wayfarer
              Setup a website for ur business so that people can knew about you and your services. if you need any help and assistance email me on
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                A common issue that I see is the mix of personal credit and business credit. Most small business owners get eager and use their personal access for the wrong needs. I put together an article to help you understand the two, feel free to comment.


                A true business credit card is a line of credit that is taken in the name of the business, under the business' credit. Activity, whether good or bad, is reflected on your business' credit report through D&B and other financial institutions, and the liability for any debts incurred and bills owed is with the business.However, some companies out there offer "business" credit cards which they require a person guarantee for. These institutions will often ask for a personal guarantee, and will almost always ask for a social security number from the person applying for the card. If this is the case, the credit card is not a business credit card, but is simply a personal credit card which is used for the business. The business is not liable for bills and debts - you are.When applying for a credit card for your business, watch out for areas asking for your SSN (and not your TaxID or EIN) and be wary of any credit card that asks for a personal guarantee. By ensuring that your credit card is in the name of your business, you can help to build your business' credit, while avoiding creating problems with your own.


                Many companies offer a list of credit cards that are issued under the business name only. Those lists typically run $300-$900, depending on the quality of the information inquiring. I would suggest starting your search online via google or yahoo. Search for "strong business credit" (just like that in quotes) to find services that sell the information.


                Good luck,


                Ilya Bodner


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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  Starting a home health biz, Welcome

                  First go to Members page and share some info.

                  Have you developed a Business and Marketing Plan that I can read??

                  Do you know about SCORE. SCORE is FREE.

                  Talk to me and Good luck, LUCKIEST