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    business plan

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      what should a good business plan have
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          You have to first find out the next big trend in the marketplace and that would be those people born between the years 1946-1964. They want more health, they want to look younger, more education, they are worried about retirement, security, they want more money. Principles of a business- a business must have a huge expanding market, it must have a unique consumable product, and a business must have the ability to create leverage
          in time and money. (see business concept by a marketing expert and a Harvard graduate professor "brilliant compensation" live video
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            business plan, A business plan explains your plans to develop a successful business.

            You can get help with a business plan at SCORE (FREE) or at a library or book store.

            Good luck
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              RanksIntl Adventurer

              My first question is what kind of business are you looking to start? A business plan is going to be one of the most important documents that you will create. Some of the key things that it will include are a summary of your business, the financials including profit/loss statements, management summaries, market research, etc. It will be crucial for approaching potential investors and lenders. If you need an outline or have any other questions you can email me.

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       has a great website which describes totally the business plan. There used to be another site called too. The first plan I ever did was in college, and from there each time I needed one I'd just tweak that one to fit the occasion. Back then we didn't have computers, only had calculators so we actually needed to know what we were doing and had to get all the data by searching it out ourselves. Today it's simple because there is so much on the net you can pull from and then just apply it to your own business. I liked things like Quicken because it could easily tell me what my business standing was, and there are programs that can project ahead as well as telling you where your business has been in the past so you can see when things start to go wrong. All you need is a little business saavy and some great programs.
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                  I have a page on my blog that explains what to take into consideration when creating a business plan and the sections of a traditional plan if you are trying to secure a loan or investors.


                  Not all businesses require a full detailed plan. As you will see on my page, the detail of the plan will change based upon these key factors:


                  1. The complexity of your business


                  2. The amount and source of your funding


                  3. The extent of damages that you will incur if your business fails


                  To check out my page, you can go to:




                  After you review it, please let me know if you have any questions or need further assistance.


                  All the Best,


                  Doug Dolan


                  The Solopreneur's Guided