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    Cleaning Business Marketing Plan

    spotless_mom Newbie
      Hello I'm from CA. I have a residential and Commercial cleaning business(nine months) I have about 20 clients and 3 part time employess.
      I really need to get a marketing plan in place and i dont know where to start. I want to get 3 new clients per month. Can someone help me with
      developing a marketing plan. I now use flyers, internet, and a lead gerneration service for getting clients. Aqnd i am a member of the chamber of commerce( havent attended a meeting yet)
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          KARLAAMAYA Adventurer
          Hi Spotless_mom,

          Congratulations on your new business. I have just started my business as well, and have done all the things you have. I think that you can advertise your business in blogs, calling companies, people's homes just to let them know that your company exists. Believe me I have call companies to let them know I exist and they start asking me questions about my business. I have secured two clients by just calling and not to mention I started my company this past month. I hope this helps. Good luck!


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            Creditbuilder Scout
            Congrats!! There are some very good marketing plans out there, but let me let you in on a little secret... if you try preparinig a business plan, you'll find that will get you started. Much like when a writer has writer's block, overcomes the block by writing a journal. Try it. Google business plans or even marketing plans.

            If you are also looking for cash to spend on advertising and hiring more employees, you can get it without borrowing a penny. Your business would make an ideal candidate for the grant money offered by the governement and its completely free to you. You can find out more about it on But you are correct, you should have a plan together and the marketing plan is just one part of the business plan, so you might as well do that too.

            Good luck.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Cleaning Business Marketing Plan, Welcome and good luck

              Both SCORE and I can help you with a Marketing Plan. SCORE is FREE

              SCORE also has a Virtual Learning Center with MANY FREE courses on marketing
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                spotless_mom Newbie
                thanks so much!!! i need al lthe help i can get.