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    First ever Illinois Biz shut down over lack of Workers Comp

    cutcomp Wayfarer
      Saw in the news today that, for the first time ever, an Illinois business has been shut down by authorities for failing to obtain valid Workers Compensation coverage. What's amazing to me is that this is the first time this has ever happened--but it's an indication that Illinois is finally joining other states in cracking down on employers who don't obtain the required Workers Comp coverage. Oddly, for their example, they picked some little dog grooming shop up in the suburbs. I would have thought there would have been much bigger fish to fry.

      They gave them several opportunities to obtain the required insurance--but apparently the employers failed to take the warnings seriously. I know Workers Comp is expensive (believe me, if anyone knows this, I do) but employers had better pay attention to this--states are now taking this matter far more seriously than they used to.