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    Make Money Online With Your Own People Search Engine...

    xiloace Newbie
      What is Acme People Search? Acme People Search is a niche search
      engine founded by Tissa Godavitarne that makes money through affiliate
      commisions from three popular affiliate networks - ClickBank, HD
      Publishing, and Reunion.

      Acme People Search Engine works like any other search engine: People enter keywords and get free results. But here's the difference: Every time users get results, you get affiliate commissions! Imagine having a search engine where you get paid every time users get results! There's no big secret about the affiliate products themselves - they're promoted by many affiliates. What's unique is the TECHNIQUE our search engine uses to generate HUGE profits.

      Tissa Godavitarne made his niche engine specifically aimed at free people searches and took advantage of the hugely popular topic. About 30% of all Google and Yahoo searches are people search related and still growing. Through Acme People Search, Tissa made $2.2 million dollars in affiliate commissions for 2007, and built a brand new $1.2 million dollar dream home only using affiliate commissions.

      By following Tissa Godavitarne's example and success with the Acme People Search, you can share in the success with the tools and programs that are provided for you.

      To know more about Acme People Search, visit the following website:

      To your success,