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    Some guidance requested please

    nconnor Newbie
      I have been doing my due diligence in researching several companies I am thinking of using to get some business financing. The most appealing company is one called Initial Underwriting Group because they guarantee financing with no personal guarantee(is this even possible?). My question is how can they guarantee financing when they know nothing about my company or the financial status of my company? They ask for documents that make no sense. Why do they need a quote for equipment when I'm not purchasing equipment? Maybe it is my inexperience speaking here but this doesn't make sense to me.

      If someone could maybe guide me a little here I really feel overwhelmed but I want to make an informed decision.

      All in all I need financing for the expansion of my business. I am trying to purchase a new building so some of the cost would go towards renovations the rest would be for payroll and product.

      Any guidance that can be offered would be helpful.

      I guess what I'm really asking is am I being scammed?