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    Startup With Legs

    video08 Wayfarer
      • Incorporated in Ohio
      • Business Plan Done
      • Demo web done
      • Turned down investor (3)
      • Looking for Equity Investor, that know the Internet
      • Took the higher road and launched May 2012


      We took a different road and went after the smaller investor, put us this month on crowd funding, put the development team on stock options & strengthened our social media efforts.


      Here is what we accomplished:

        • We’ve only been live for since 5/22/12 with the following results
          • Approx 150 paid clicks per week
          • 194,500 impressions per week
          • Average cost per paid click 20 cents
          • 711 1st page positions
          • Over 2950 cities in 3 months & growth rate 5% per week
          • From social media, more from LinkedIn than Face book but slowly changing.


      Here is what we’re about:


      Video locators is focused on anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one No one ever expects it but it can happen to anyone at anytime. The family of Lauren Spierer (update 2012) had their worst nightmare come true a year ago when their beloved daughter went missing. It was almost exactly a year ago today (8/2/2012) that their daughter went missing, every moment without her is hell for them. For a moment put yourself in her or their shoes. This family did not ask or deserve what was done to them. We at Video Locators ask that you please help us in any way that you can to find and bring this young woman back home so that she can be with her family where she belongs.

      Video Locators serves two groups – those who need help finding lost loved ones (or identifying those wanted), and those who want to help.


      Week of August 5th - A couple of cases:


      1.) 13 years a young lady went missing and police officer noticed a picture on Video Locators and sent us notice that she might be a Jane Doe in one of their local hospital.  We forward to proper law enforcement.
      2.) A Dr. that owes $43K in child support was spotted in RI and info sent to police.

      We're about Missing Children, Missing Persons, Deadbeat Parents, Suspects & people of interest.


        So as you can see, though we had on the ducks in order for full funding @ 5-10 Million the less traffic road is giving us the same results and maybe that’s a good thing.