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    Not sure of which way to go

    APTech Newbie
      First of all I want to say thanks for any and all help I get with this.

      I am wanting to start a field service business.

      I was recently laid off and the job market as we all know is not very good. I had been working for an OEM of CNC equipment for the past 5 years. I have built a great rapport with all of the customers I have visited. I was thinking about offering some of the same services to the same customers for a much discounted price. I will not have any inventory or a storefront. I will be operating from my home. So I will not have much for payout's. All my travel and expenses will be bill back to the customer wanting the service.

      Now the questions that I have

      1. I plan to offer my service nationwide. What would be the best way to go about this. LLC, Sole P or some other.
      2. Will I be able to collect unemployment during the slow times if I pay into it.
      3. How do I pay myself for either an LLC or a Sole P.
      4. I'm pretty sure I need a Fed ID. because I am gonig to need a business credit card.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im not looking to get very big and I dont think I will be hiring anybody I would probably just do a 1099 contractor.
      Im just looking to make a living and work on my schedule.
      I know I need an accountant but once I get started I should be able to take care of everything myself.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Not sure of which way to go, Welcome

          Good question. Go to SCORE. SCORE is FREE both in person and online. SCORE can NOT take the place of an Accountant, BUT can help answer many of your questions and get you started in the right direction.

          Do you have a Business Name?? How about a Business Plan??

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              APTech Newbie
              I have been to SCORE just yesterday. This all came about within the last week after a couple of old customers called me wanting service. I'm just trying to go about this the right way. I do have some names in mind but have to finalize with the family first. I don't have a business plan and not sure if I need one. I probably do and will need help writing one. I already have a customer list with contact info and almost all the tools required. So not much funding will be needed basically just to offset not getting unemployment. I don't need any benifits as I currently get them with my wife's work. Thanks for the help
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                Iwrite Pioneer
                I agree with Luckiest, you need a business plan. It will help with a lot of your questions.

                A lot of your questions are location based, where your business is headquartered. Each state has its own rules concerning structure of ownership despite the fact that you will be working nationwide. A good business accountant can help with your tax issues and questions, but sound legal advice is needed also - find a good business attorney.

                I know I haven't said much but this is not my field of expertise.

                Good luck.

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                video08 Wayfarer

                MARKETING YOUR IMAGE

                Nice thing about technology today, you can look more than you are. For your fastest ROI Return On Investment note:

                1. Get yourself a Good Business Web Site and do not buy one from a friend of a friend, or a guy that advertising cheap web sites on Craigest list. Fine a company that will build you a web site that you can maintain or otherwise edit content, images. One guy I know is from ICGLP.COM and they'll build you a web site with everything you need, including shopping cart and you can edit about & they have a must online marketing system they only charge you once for. I would say total cost $5,000. Call them as for Mark D, two Mark's at the company.

                > Determin if you'll need a shopping cart online, otherwise want to sell parts online and don't worry about inventory, if they pay upfront, then you can drop ship from the OEM. PayPal is free and gives the security to you and your customers need.
                > Don't and I mean don't buy that $599 web site or the firms that offer it to you free. There's that one company that ads run on TV with a female race car drive, if they build cheap but the catch is they own, not you.
                > Buy your own URL in advance and buy for 3 yrs.
                > You MUST have online e-marketing and we're not and don't use spam mail or SEO. Someone called me today about using SEO and I asked how long before I see results, oh a few months, what a few, 6 mos. Remember you have to be on the first page period, if not you're out of the ball game.

                2. Name your corporation and become a corporation and online and $500 or less. This will protect you because if a big client bails on you and you purchased an order or vendor can only go after your corporation, not you but do all view a friendly attorney.

                3. Plan on working more hours but you'll enjoy the rewards because they're not just salary goals reached but accomplishments that will enrich you even more.

                Good Luck Partner
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                  king1987 Wayfarer
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