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    NEW Home Based Business with Ardyss / Body Magic

    visioncorp1 Wayfarer

      I know a lot of us have heard about the Body Magic that has been featured on ABC, CNN, Oprah and several other news channels. Well I did some research and this home based business is unbelieveable and you get PAID 10 different ways.

      Here is the website to get the information:
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Looking for a fitness clothing maker,

          Thanks Rodney, Will check out the web site
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            Drop3Sizes Newbie

            I joined Ardyss back in November 2010, and so far I really like this company.

            I have tried other multi-level-marketing companies in the past, including Avon and Arbonne, plus I have family members that sell Amway. Of all these companies, Ardyss has the best compensation plan by far. Not only do you make a 40% or higher markup on the products you personally sell, you also get cash bonuses for each distributor you enroll, and that's on top of the commission you make on their sales as part of your downline. They have extra bonuses beyond these as well, which are pretty simple to qualify for.

            Another thing I like is that Ardyss has enough confidence in their products that they don't require you to only represent their brand. This is great because it means that you can sign up retail shop owners who are interested in carrying Ardyss. You don't have to pester your friends and family for sales - you can get boutiques and salons in your downline.

            But what I like the most about Ardyss is their products. "Body Magic", the undergarment that reshapes your body and makes you "Drop 2 to 3 Dress Sizes" sounds like something from an infomercial, but it actually works. If I hadn't decided to join Ardyss, I would have been happy to pay the full retail price for Body Magic ($140) simply because it instantly got me fitting back into all those "skinny" clothes in the back of my closet, plus it helps my posture and back problems. It's the easiest sell ever.

            Feel free to contact me if you think you might be intersted in buying or selling the products. My personal email is