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    Sales & marketing

    boafan5 Newbie

      A few months ago I used to sell Dell and Toshiba Pentium III used Laptops computers for $399.00. Now I can not sell same computer for $199.00. Is it just the bad economy?


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          BDS INC Adventurer

          If you are selling to small business owners, the investment people are making these days is much less given the shakiness of the US economy. Today the dollar closed at a historic low to the Euro.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Used computers. How long have you been in business??
            Selling used computers is very much like selling used cars.
            Prices and markets change. If you are selling them for $199 are you still making money??
            A long time ago (in the corrugated box industry) the company made money by buying the paper cheap.
            That is the secret to making money.
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              To add on to what Luckiest wrote, selling used computers is like selling used cars -- that is, if every eighteen months they doubled the speed limit, re-striped the highway so each traffic lane became two narrower lanes, and totally changed the formula for gasoline. In other words, advancements in software and applications are causing older hardware to become less valuable much faster.
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                DomainDiva Ranger
                Are you selling used equipment to businesses? OH MY!!!!!!

                I am really sorry but I can't imagine ANY business owner giving their employees less than stellar equipment to work with. Any entrepreneur should be ready and willing to spend their own funds to make sure the team is well equipped.

                At the price(s) you quote that may be something good for parents with middle and high school age children. You may want to change your target marketing group.
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                  Sunkist Newbie
                  Pentium III ? Those machines must be really old.....
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                    Qualified Newbie
                    Try not to fall into the trap that it is a bad ecomomy. Instead revert back to your sales training. What target markets have you been successful in? Do you need to adjust your product's value proposition? For example, perhaps you need to adjust your target market and value proposition to rural areas where the parents of highschool students have limited income but with your product everyone can afford to buy a laptop computer. Or, target older clients that want to expore the internet but do not want to invest much to see if having internet search capabilities and email are worth them investing in.

                    Ask youself if you have explored other sales channels (ebay, craigs list, etc.), door to door residential sales (offer a warranty) or how about a telemarketing program targeting a specific audience. etc. Be creative. But most of all ask yourself if you are as excited about what you have to offer your clients as you were when you were making the earlier sales. If not, regenerate enthusiam for yourself and then share that excitement and value proposition with others to see if there is a difference in your success. I hope this helps.
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                      DeniseMM Newbie
                      Pentium III is considered dinosaur merchandise by today's high speed standards. With people downloading music and videos and high speed internet connections - for most people a Pentium III just won't cut the mustard anymore.

                      I've had my Toshiba laptop with Centrino for three years now. It's many times faster than a Pentium III and it certainly isn't the fastest. I think that's the Core Duo now. I'll wait until something faster than Core Duo comes out before upgrading.

                      Maybe it's time to upgrade the merchandise you sell to something more up-to-date. The market is telling you this is true. Pentium 4 or the Centrino perhaps. It will be a higher price point - but people don't want to spend even a nickel on something that's an antique in the computer world. Even for high-school or college age kids.

                      All the best,

                      Denise Michaels
                      Author, "Testosterone-free Marketing"

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                        Stan_The_Man Newbie
                        I dare to disagree on used cars sales. Used cars hold their value much longer than computers. What it really boils down to these days is the fact that when you buy your new computer today it becomes absolete by the time you get it installed.

                        My last business trip to China really opened my eyes. One has to see it to really comprehend as to what is going on there. The good part is that today's economy is GLOBAL and we no longer depend on our economic situation in our city, county, state nor country.

                        Our challenge is to re-orient ourselves in the fact that Industrial Revolution in North America and Europe is over. It has moved to China --- spreading to largest English speaking country in the world today -- India. Reffered to as Chindia, together also representing more than one third of this planet's population.

                        It's about time for us to wake up to it or our middle class will end up like those blacksmiths who hung onto their trades long after the automobiles took over the streets and horses were seen in cowboy movies only.
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                          aallc01 Wayfarer
                          No, the PC market is one area that is still strong. It has to be your reach and how you are distinguishing yourself from the big players. Look at Best Buys numbers this last quarter. Do you offer a service plan? What guarantees doyou provide? Who are your references? How are you advertising? Why would anyone want to buy from you? Can you answer that question and if so,market your self that way.
                          Your price points are great and you have strong brands. Put yourself in the buyers shoes. Why you vs Best Buy where I can get service and support.