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    Don't do any business with George Goodard or LFC Yachts!!!

    go_solar Newbie
      Hello everyone,

      About a month ago George contacted me and wanted to invest in my small business. His initial fee was 1500.00 and after the Letter of Intent (LOI) was signed, another payment of 1500.00 would be due before any installment would be made. I paid the first 1500.00 but made it clear that I couldn't pay the second payment. He told me that he would work with me and only ask for 750.00 and 750.00. So, I paid and when I pressed him to get some papers drawn up so I could get my first installment, he said he was still waiting for the second payment of 1500.00. He said his company name was LFC Yachts. That is where I wired the money. He is out of Jacksonville. He had no phone number claiming that his cell fell into the water during a yacht race! When he'd call me it would show up, Mirador Apartments and he claimed he was with a client, helping him. All the red lights and sirens were going off but I was stupid and besides, it was too late, I had given him all I had. I didn't check him out enough before hand. His two references were two email addresses which could be him for all I know. Just be careful folks. There are a lot of dishonest crooks out there. Just because they contact you via this forum doesn't make them legit. Don't let your passion for success blind your better judgement. I will probably never see my money again cause after I asked for it back, I haven't heard from him, figures. Oh, I do want to clarify something, he is in no way affiliated with go4funding. If you google LFC Yachts, there will be a few options to chose from. It isn't the one that talks about business ventures and connecting them with investors. That is what threw me. I thought he was affiliated with them and therefore, legit. I contacted them to see and in fact he has been banned from their organization for similar complaints, they talk against paying any up-front fees, so, live and learn, right?