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    Your Opinion on Call Center Outsourcing VS Sourcing within ?

    Cosoft Newbie
      What's your Opinion on Call Center Outsourcing Versus Sourcing from within during Crisis Time?

      In recent years, call center outsourcing had become a popular and viable way to deliver high quality service while lowering operating costs in the call center sector. Taking China as an example, the call center industry has been expanding with annual growth of 30% in 2008. And experts predict that there will be increasing demand in the following years, especially the Chinese & Asian language call center services as China and Asia's economic rise.

      In the time of financial crisis, while some larger companies have the money, time and resources to put in place their own call center, most smaller and mid sized businesses opt for a streamline approach to call centers and choose to outsource their call center needs. As a service provider of Chinese or Asian language call center services or back office supports in China, we do encourage call center/contact center outsourcing. For many companies, especially many small, medium ones, outsourcing a call center is an excellent way to generate sales and help current customers with tech support and customer support issues. Meanwhile, they can improve productivity, save their cost, extend their service hours and place focus on their core competencies.

      What's Your Opinion on call center outsourcing versus from within? Do you agree to have in-house call center in the time of financial crisis? If not, what you will consider when choosing call center? Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly at

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          Szarafin Wayfarer
          In the crisis time outsourcing of different assets a company has (as the telecommunications infrastructure for instance) enables to improve the cash flows for a short period of time, see "sale and lease back" concept. However, before we outsource anything, we have to decide what is better to our business model: the in-house made solution or really outsourcing. There are also mixed solution, as shared service centers, available for groups consisting of two or more companies.

          Magdalena Szarafin

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            DomainDiva Ranger
            The language barrier and cultural barrier make it impossible for me to have anything nice to say about foreign call centers. I have been treated rudely and harrassed when now defunct WAMU made misakes wtih my account balances and add ons. As a small business owner I cannot fathom outsourcing a call center to a foreign country.
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                Szarafin Wayfarer
                "Outsourcing" does not automatically mean "offshore outsourcing" or "nearshore outsourcing". Outsourcing is just about letting functions get done by a third party. This third party can reside in your country, they can also reside abroad.

                The call centers (and other BPO companies) located abroad offer different service quality.There are those among them which employ professionals from many countries who are responsible for customers residing in their countries of origin.

                Magdalena Szarafin
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                    DomainDiva Ranger
                    Still not sure on this one.

                    Does a customer service rep in an outsourced call center care about my customers? No they do not. Customer call centers are about making the customer with the question go away, not about being the first line of support for the business that pays them.

                    For our business...Can they be trained to handle the sometimes complex formula spreadsheet issues and explain to a customer how pro rates are being calculated in some of the workbooks? Probably not.
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                        Szarafin Wayfarer
                        I would see it as follows: as a business owner you have limited funds. You can invest them in your core business to grow and/or in financing of back-office and front-office activities. Each cent invested in non-core activities cannot be invested in the core ones.
                        While deciding: to outsource or to let the service be in-house made, the combination of three dimensions should be taken into consideration: time, quality and cost. If you decide that the combination is better while outsourced, then outsource the function in concern. If not, let it be done in-house.
                        If a foreign call center will be able to deal with your business... Well, for me it is a question of training the people who will be dealing with your company and their customers and telling them the most important things about the nature of your business.
                        Magdalena Szarafin
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                            DomainDiva Ranger
                            No, outsourcing customer service to a call center is not an option with us. Our company would consider aviation maintenance and records industry trained personnel to act as contractors (outsourcing such as airlines do for their reservations) for customer service calls but that would be about as 'outsourcing' as we would get. I cannot see our company contracting with a faceless entity to take care of our customers.

                            I can appreciate your telling me what you think I need to know, however, having taken this company from idea to first round, second round and now product, I know the value of allocating my funding. Our business customer service calls can not be handled by people that know the most important things about the nature of our business. Customers could care less about the nature of the business, they want software that works and when it does not, or there are issues with data input, they need help and guidance, not nurturing.

                            We do not view our activities are front office and back office. Our set up being virtual eliminates that 'baggage'.
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                      ExclusiveCall Newbie
                      After reading everyones opinions I would like to share my thoughts:

                      First off it seems that many of you have had a bad experience with offshore call centers. The reason you might have had a bad experience with a call center as a consumer or business owner is simple, the company that hired the call center did not take the time to train there employees and or the call center did not give the option to the business owner to take complete control. For example I have a call center in the Philippines and all my clients are happy and so are the consumers who speak to our call center representatives. The reason is we give FULL control to the owner of the business plus our call center agents know that if they don't perform to the level that the business they are working for they will be fired immediately. You can't just throw money at things and expect it to just work, you need to work on just as if it was was an in-house operation and that just in the first couple months after that its easy sailing for the company who hired the call center and a pleasant experience for the consumers.

                      Exclusive Calls partners with your company to engage in a rigorous campaign to insure you with prospects that want to speak to you right away in which we refer to as "live transfers" or get a commitment from the prospects to be called back at a specific time and date as a verified appointment setting in both B2B and B2C campaigns.

                      You will have COMPLETE CONTROL of the ADMIN: A recording of the conversation that took place will be available to go back and listen to on calls to see how to improve the script or for training purposes. Also you can listen to your callers live as they make the calls, switch campaigns, switch/add/delete transfer numbers, control speed of calls, upload lists, maintain DNC,see when each one of your telemarketers log in and log off, and all the reports will be just a click a way in the admin, it will be a great way to see what lead source works the best. Our success is based on how pro-active you are in your campaign because we give you TOTAL CONTROL from caller I.D., scripting, training, hours, and days that your staff works, and who you want working for you.

                      Exclusive Calls will become and extension of your team.

                      Telemarketers use a state of the art predictive dialer.
                      All calls are recorded and available via admin
                      Capability to do Live Transfer
                      Appointment setting
                      Direct Line to Communicate with your Telemarketers
                      Option of Caller I.D.
                      Reports available just a click away daily
                      Double Verified Leads


                      $1200 Per Full Time Telemarketer

                      Exclusive calls also provides inbound service, please contact us for details.

                      One of the main reasons or perhaps the foremost main reason why companies outsource telemarketing to outbound call centers is that outsourcing outbound telemarketing services, instead of managing an in-house telemarketing department, is more cost-efficient in the long-run.
                      Here are more reasons why a company must outsource:
                      If you intend to manage an in-house telemarketing department, you will need to hire new people. Recruitment can be costly. But if you outsource to companies providing outbound call center services, the problem of hiring and managing new personnel will not be yours but theirs. And you won't have to face the possibility of lacking staff.
                      Training costs money, but you can't cut back on training just because you want to cut costs, because training will ensure the best quality of work. If you outsource your telesales to outbound call centers, you can be sure that the telemarketers assigned to your company will have indeed received a highly specialized training. You can be sure that the telemarketers will provide highly-skilled outbound customer service.
                      It can be hard to keep track of the legalities of telemarketing, since they change from time to time. An outbound call center is sure to keep track of them, though, as that is the main focus of their industry, so outsourcing to them, you can be sure that they will have taken care of that aspect.
                      Managing an in-house telemarketing department would mean having to acquire telemarketing facilities and other paraphernalia, as well as housing more personnel, which means they might take up more of your office space, and might require you to expand. Outsourcing to outbound service providers will not give you this problem.
                      Outbound call centers are equipped with the latest technology to keep up with the times, so you can be sure that they are better equipped to satisfy your customers.
                      With outbound service providers, you don't need to worry about the improvement of telemarketing services as, since this is the main focus of their industry, you can be sure that they will always be updated when it comes to improving their services.
                      Outsourcing to outbound call centers will ensure that you will get regular reports on the progress of your telemarketing projects.
                      Outbound call centers can also give you feedback on how to improve your own services, as they interact directly with your prospective customers.
                      With the extensive experience of most outbound call centers and their agents, you can be sure that they will have anticipated the needs of your company's project so no need for any trial and error on your part.
                      Outbound service providers will make sure to tailor-fit their services specifically for your company's needs. They will provide excellent outbound customer service.

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