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    Direct deposit into a client account

    evalsinca Newbie

      I have a requirement for my service wherein I need to electronically deposit money into my client's bank account. How do I do that?

      I currently (through my BofA merchant account and my payment gateway) receive money from my clients (through echeck or credit card).

      But I have a requirement wherein I will need to transfer money into my client's bank accounts. For example, in TurboTax you can specify the bank account in which to deposit the refund and it automagically shows up there. I need to do something similar.

      Everywhere I look I can find ways to receive payments using ACH but nowhere have I seen how I can deposit money into a client bank account.

      Thanks in advance for your help!
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Why have you not contacted your client? If you are refunding money to them/him/her a letter and a cashiers check would suffice. Whenever I have credited a client I have:

          1. Shown a credit amount on an invoice, if a recurring client
          2. Sent a letter and a cashiers check (post invoice being paid).

          Again, contact the client.
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              evalsinca Newbie

              Thanks for your response! Unfortunately that does not work for me.

              The money being deposited in a member account is NOT a refund for some previously collected payment. Instead it is payment/commissions for some activity undertaken by the member during a given month. The number of members, and the amounts to be paid out are variable.

              I'd prefer not to do this manually by cutting checks to each one.

              So I need a way to do this automatically. My company can write the software to do this easily. But we have not been able to locate anyone who provides this as a service that we can interface to.

              Thanks again for your response!
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              robz140 Newbie
              I've been using a company called Check Assist ( for the last couple of years. The have check colleciton software as well as ACH capability for debits and credits. Try looking at their website and give them a call.
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Payroll companies can electronically deposit payroll into employees or clients accounts.
                Have you tried googling "ACH"??
                You use the words "transfer money" which sounds like you can pit money in and also take money out.
                Anybody can deposit money into my checking account. That is O K by me.
                Only those people who I authorize to take money out of my account can. The KEY WORD is AUTHORIZE.
                Maybe I am missing the point here. LUCKIEST
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                  evalsinca Newbie

                  Thanks to all who responded. In order to do automatic direct deposits into your client bank accounts via ACH, you need to do the following:

                  a) Write software (or, get 3rd party software) that will generate transactions in a file acceptable to ACH (I found one vendor that can do am not affiliated with them but they seemed knowledgeable and helpful when I spoke with them. I have not used their software so I cannot vouch for it).

                  b) You need to contact your bank's treasury management services department and ask them how you can upload this ACH-format file to them. Once you get the information from your bank, you need to upload the file to their servers. Bingo....all the transactions in your file get processed which will include deposits to specified bank accounts, etc.

                  Merchant services is NOT the right place to contact in your bank if you need this. I was shuttling from pillar to post since the bank would direct me to merchant services, who would then send me back to someone at the bank who would say "Just log in to our online banking service and enter the customer information....".

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                    amspcs Ranger
                    Your client can open an electronic check conversion account and initiate direct deposits from your account to his over the internet. It's very easy and extremely inexpensive, less than a typical credit card transaction. If interested, please contact me at or reply to t is post.-Thanks.

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                      SUMMITCORP Newbie
                      You could use, they also will give you a free desktop version of their software so you don't even have to use their online version. We have been using them for our payroll and all our incoming/outgoing direct deposits. they always seem to answer their phone in person which is the best part.
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                        go2efx Newbie
                        evalsinca, here is a link to our website.
                        Of course, the best information I can give your company is a quote, a demonstration of our online platform and address any needs that your company may have; with your current ACH processing arrangement.

                        When comparing fees and services with your current provider, we realize that cost is not everything. I will be excited to speak with you again and show you how we may be a better solution than the typical bank or processing firm.

                        I know it has been a while since your post, but if you still need ach services, we can easily credit your clients accounts as needed.
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                            neowavemedia Newbie
                            evalsinc, I'm curious what ended up coming of this. I'm in a similar situation.

                            I've contacted, but they said they were not able to accomodate us at this time.

                            Whose services did you end up going with for automatic ACH payments?