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    A dream that I would like to come to.

    Futureissoon Newbie
      I have wanted to own a buisness for a long time. I want to open a clothing shop for men that carries designer brands. It would have to be an online site to start with since where I am located designer fashion is not a big deal but I know of brands that people all over would love to get but they are hard to come by and I want to make it easier to get them by selling them on my site. My questions are.

      How do I find a place to purchase designer apparel in bulk?
      What is a good way to come by getting money to start up other then save?


      I really want to make this happen. So any help would be awesome.
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          RanksIntl Adventurer

          People are always looking to cater to women when it comes to starting clothing lines so its always so refreshing to see someone going the other way! So, how long have you been thinking about this and how soon are you looking to start? Where are you located? I have several years experience in retail so I have a list of a few different places that may be good to buy in bulk if you can give me some idea of exactly what designers you are looking to sell and what your target age demographic is going to be.

          As for financing: do you have anything to invest? Do you have any collateral and do you have any experience? Your first step for getting financing is going to be a business plan. If you haven't started that is where you will need to start. Your options after that will be anything from traditional lending through banks, the government and commercial lenders to venture capitalists to family and friends. You may even end up using your credit cards if you are looking to start small enough.

          I specialize in small business start up and expansion so if you need advice or someone to bounce ideas off of I'd be happy to help!


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              Futureissoon Newbie
              I have wanted to start a buisness for about 2 years know but have always thought it would be impossible but know I figured I might aswell ask for more information about it that way I would have atleast tried to make it happen but hopefully I can. I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where it seems the smallest sizes of clothing start in Medium. I want to cater to the more thinner person. Being a relativly skinny person I find it near impossible to buy clothing I could see my self wearing. I would mostly sell fitted clothing. I am a member of quite a few mesn fashion forums and keep track of what people are buying. I am affraid the brands I want to sell however are going to be hard to come by since they are mostly european brands. Some brands I have thought of are as followed: Dior Homme, Paul Smith, Fred Perry, A.P.C, Neil Barret, Lanvin, and other brands of the sort. I am still working on a list. I would like to start it as soon as possible but I want to start it right so if it takes time its worth it for me. On the money front. I do have money in savings but its not truely alot. I am sure I would have to barrow from a bank or something.
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              zolacat999 Adventurer
              another thing you need to take into account is that if you wanted to do a e-commerce site then you realize that a real one is alot of money