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    How can i Market my Mary Kay Business?

    ekjwright Newbie
      Yes My Name is Kati and i am starting this Mary Kay Business on the side of my Regular Full time position at Bank of America! I love my full time job but i also love Mary Kay products and i love Selling them! It's fun for me! I just need everyones opinion on how i can market it because there are so many other people selling mary kay what do you think i could do to be different and increase customers sales?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          First make a list of what is called your 'warm market'. That is a list of all of your friends and people you know...even down to the person at the dry cleaners. Start contacting them, get someone to have a party or you can have a party.

          Your upline at MaryKay should really be more involved with you as a new distributor. Try contacting them.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Mary Kay has been around a long time. Best of luck in starting this new business venture.
            Selling is always fun and the key to success is a MARKETING PLAN. Do you have a business NAME??
            Mary Kay will help you succeed. They have a community Web site of Independent Beauty Consultants
            who provides 24-hour access to
            information and services of your Mary Kay business.
            Talk to everybody you know, Have Mary Kay parties, Have samples and give a ways.
            Identify your market and advertise. Maybe a local newspaper will do an article about Mary Kay and you.
            Hope this helps, LUCKIEST
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              BDS INC Adventurer
              I agree with Domain Diva - start with friends and family and then talk to their friends. Selling Mary Kay involves a lot of relationships and networking. Look to host Mary Kay parties with friends or family members where they invite others and get free gifts or discounts based on the amount of sales you get from a particular party.
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                I'm a guy, but I've been around women who bought Mary Kay since the company was founded. Based on that, the most successful Mary Kay salespeople I've met seemed to have four things in common:
                1) They loved the products.
                2) They loved making sales calls.
                3) They always made their customers (at least, the women I knew) feel really good about themselves.
                4) They provided very personal service (consultations/delivers at the customer's convenience, help with gift selections for friends or neighbors, keeping track of ingredients/allergies, etc.).

                Your post indicates that you have #1 and #2. I'm sure you know that with those two elements in place, it's partly math -- the more calls you make, the more sales you make. Building your business means getting larger sales, repeat sales, and referrals. Those come from #3 and #4, and with those, you're not really marketing Mary Kay as much as you're marketing YOU. What can you do to make each person you contact feel better about herself? What can you do for your customers that no one else is doing?

                I hate to answer your question with two questions, but I think if you can find the answers to those two questions, you'll discover the competitive advantage you can use. I hope so.

                Best wishes!
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                  erinoir Newbie
                  This is more of a personal note, but the way I found my Mary Kay representative was by a window cling with her number and website on it. Try simple things like that - just make sure they look professional and not like the signs on telephone poles.

                  Also, check out your local Craiglist. You can advertise there free. I'd recommend posting something like "mention Craigslist and get 5% off" so that you can find out how mnay potential clients are finding you there.

                  I sold Mary Kay a few years ago, but could not do parties any more due to health problems. (You can see what I do now in my profile.) My best sales came from small parties with personalized makeovers. If you learn great makeup techniques and apply them, you will help women feel beautiful and they will want one of everything you used!

                  Good luck!

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                    Stan_The_Man Newbie
                    You are entering Network Marketing field. If you enjoy sales and parties you will make a few dollars extra in retailing your product. The trick to make good income in NM is to duplicate your efforts. I other words it is always better to get rewarded for 1% efforts of 1000 people than 110% of our own.

                    Those who enter NM for the reason of wanting to make 6 figure income make the greatest mistake by approaching so called "warm market" first. That market should be approached as very last. After we have financial results with our new venture our warm market will come to us to investigate wanting to know where we got that pink Cadillac?

                    Majority of upline people will tell you to hit your warm market for they know that 90 to 95% of people entering NM will drop out in 6 months or less. The customers they'll leave behind will automatically go to the upline. You have entered very lucrative field but like any other business it has to be taken seriously in order to make any considerable amount of money.

                    If your goal with Mary Kay is long term and you want to be noticed by the company leaving your upline in the dust, I suggest you have a look at this free report and read it first: NM is on the rise globally with seemless compensation plans being the top solution for hundred's of thousands of Americans getting financially educated free of charge and getting out of debt as a bonus.
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                      talkfusion Wayfarer
                      Hi Kati,

                      I am with a company that can help you in your Mary Kay business. It sounds like you love the product and are more than willing to talk to people about it. One of the biggest things you can do is to speak to everyone within "arms length" about Mary Kay.

                      Let me put a scenario in front of you to look at. When you have a party or get to speak to someone about Mary Kay and find out they have an interest in one of your products, say a certain blush, and they really like it but need to think about it, will call you later or any of the other stalls that people use.

                      Just make sure that you get their email address and just say you want to send them something about the product as in; it may go on sale, two for one or any other marketing ideas you may have.

                      When you get home or after the party immediately send them a video email thanking them for attending your party or telling them it was a pleasure meeting them. Just go to: and you can see what I am talking about. You can take a cheap video camera and video your products, ie; the blush, and put it in the back office of Talk Fusion. Right after you do your short video thanking them, then simply merge the product video right in behind it.

                      You can do this on autopilot and send them out whenever you want to without re-recording your video or the product video. There is nothing that will have a bigger impact than your customer seeing your face and the product they were interested in and they WILL NOT forget you! They will be very impressed and will remember you when they think of that blush and also when they speak to their friends and family about it, or if someone brings up the subject of makeup or Mary Kay.

                      You can either call or email me and I will send more information with a video email to show you what I am talking about. Anything you do in today's world is very competitive and you need all of the tools in your arsenal you can think of. This product will let you know when they looked at your video email, how many times, if they sent it to someone else and if they clicked through to your website! This information is invaluable in today's market, no matter what you are doing.

                      Best Regards,
                      Don Egnor