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    Best Business Practice - Corporate Travel

    dcmarik Wayfarer
      There is a new Corporate Travel Booking Service that is reducing the cost of business travel substantially.

      Everyone knows that the lowest fares for air, hotel and car rentals are on the internet. But actually finding them can be a frustrating exercise for anyone willing to spend the time needed to delve into dozens of web sites (despite their ads, there is no single travel assistance site that provides the best rates) and do the comparison shopping needed to arrive at the lowest costs.

      A new corporate travel assistance service called guarantees that their clients will save at least 20% off their normal business travel costs or they will waive the reservation fee. They have amassed a database of low cost suppliers for almost every business travel route in the US, and many overseas, which they quickly access and provide to their clients.

      For a better explanation of what they do and how their clients view them, visit their web site:
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          You are asking for passport numbers because? This one thing alone was enough for me NOT to register with your site. A travel wesbite doe NOT need to know the passport numbers of its' clients to book rooms. No other travel website has ever asked for this information.
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              dcmarik Wayfarer
              Of course you don't need to provide a passport number for a hotel room reservation. (Unless, as some people may, you consider rooms in California out of country) It is needed when booking for some overseas flights however along with Visa numbers if required.

              None of the items on our Traveler Preference Sheet are mandatory. In fact, you don't need to complete it at all to use our service. It just makes things easier and faster when we know what our client's preferences are. So if that was the only fear you had about saving money by using our service, consider it assuaged.