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    help finding a new way

    marneet223 Newbie
      Hey all,

      I'm kinda new to this stuff, and im trying to promote my business. I tried advertising at several known sites like .. Craigslist (, oodle (, ansak (, kijiji ... etc, I'm looking for more effective ways if anyone could help me it would be appreciated.

      Thanks alot
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          webdesign_seo Wayfarer
          Hi Marneet223

          This isn't the final answer to your challenge, but it could be one of them. Search Engine Optimization could be very fruitful if paired with the right online marketing tactics. For example, our company Zoetic Interactive (, we can help raise awareness of your new company by getting you exposed to the right customers... we can drive QUALIFIED traffic to your website to ultimately become a lead or buy from you.

          If you want to learn more, please visit us at If you decide to call, call me directly at 917-267-7942... ask for Yong, I'm here to help!
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            vistasad Adventurer
            What are you doing? More info please.<!--Session data-->
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              LadyPR Wayfarer
              Hi marneet223,

              Sounds like you have had quite a time trying to find something that works. That's what I love and hate about marketing. It's all trial and error. I'm not sure what type of business you have but I would take the time to sit down and create a plan. It doesn't have to be extremely detailed but you really want to know who your customer is and how to grab their attention. Where do they shop? What do they read? What websites do they visit? Do they have a thirst for information? There are many questions you need to ask yourself or your customer about your business. Believe me, this makes it a lot easier to know how to get to them. Here are a few strategies that may be able to help you.

              1. Join a local organization that caters to your business and who you are trying to reach
              2. Attend the local Chamber of Commerce events in your area. Bring your business cards and network like a maniac with the "right" people.
              3. Locate popular blogs that cater to your business. Ask the owners if you can contribute an article and deem yourself as an expert in the industry. This will help you build buzz on the interment.
              4. Write a press release and send it out through a newswire service to reach thousands of media across the world. The media can help you expose your business for FREE!

              Here's an article from my news room at that I wrote on do-it-yourself public relations I hope that it helps.

              Yours in success,

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                onpurpose Adventurer
                Hi Marneet223,

                When it comes to promoting your business, the most typical challenge I with clients is the failure to clearly identify their core target audiences and the value proposition. For small businesses in particular, promotions tends to be too broad or general. If you don't know your audience, you don't know how to engage them meaningfully so they want to read and ACT upon your offer.

                Tactically, be sure your promotion includes a clear, concise, call to action. It could be "Call me" or "contact me for a free estimate" or "register at my web site."

                Another tactic... are you collecting email addresses and communicating regularly with your current customers? I see too many business owners investing their budget in generating new leads or working a cold market when their current customer base is all but being ignored. You may not need a promotional program at all when, in fact, a customer follow-up program would do wonders to stir more business or create more word of mouth.

                Be On-Purpose!

                Kevin W. McCarthy