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    Need a Reputable Online Web Host

    moreno Wayfarer
      Hello Everyone,

      Can anyone recommend an online Host company for my online business. I will be selling all sorts of items and need ecommerce and such. I currently have sightground but they "HORRIBLE". Their customer service is totally out the window and I didn't know it then but their company is stationed out of the country and any time I have a technical question, I can't get anyone live on the phone, I have to write an email and this bothers me so much. I thought about vista but let me know if you have experience with any other online hosting companies that are great. Thanks :)
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          RanksIntl Adventurer

          If you already have a site and need webhosting Yahoo! is great. They have everything from simple site webhosting to ecommerce at great prices!

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            Paraday_Comm Navigator
            Hi Moreno!

            I am an internet marketing specialist, and as such many of my clients witness the same problems that you are facing. Please look into, they have scalable solutions from $5 up to $174 and you can grow within the plans and they have a ton of extra's.

            If you would like further advice I have been online since 1998 with a large concentration on internet marketing, design and the like. Feel free to email me at: paraday at

            All the Best,

            Jeff Reynolds
            Paraday Communications
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              pdmiller Adventurer
              I good web hosting company is they have all the features you'd need for your website.

              Patty Miller
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                PVGuestCheck Adventurer
                Oh for God's sakes stay away from Yahoo. They are a nightmare, I cannot believe anyone who has needed to call them would suggest them!

                I use GoDaddy for my nearly 200 clients. The wait is short, the service is good and if you need to escalate you can escalate with results.
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                  Websites_R_Us Wayfarer
                  I personally don"t care for Yahoo or GoDaddy. I like No matter what host you select, take the time to make sure they offer the features you require, price you are comfortable with and customer service you may need. Do you maintain your own site?

                  You will receive several recommendations and opinions on this forum, which is great. We will all have varying experiences to share about the same hosts. Choose carefully and best of luck with your selection
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                      PVGuestCheck Adventurer
                      Being the webmaster for more than 200 websites, we've worked with most all of them, and worked with most all of them when there is a problem.

                      Yahoo is a disaster when you get off the average day to day issues. Their customer service takes forever, and much of the time does not get it right. 1and1 is the same made worse by customer service by in the Phillipines. They are not an American company, they are German. We had a major issue with a client's website and we started in the Phillipines, before being sent to Germany and finally back to an office in Pennsylvania.

                      My company used Ipowerweb who was bought out last year. Even with support coming from the office of the president of the company who bought them out they can be a nightmare...

                      So when I say use Go Daddy I don't say it because they are the one company I have experience with, I say it because when things go wrong we can get to a solution faster than the others. This is not to sayt they are perfect, but they answer their phones. It matters the person I am talking to understands my language and is not half way across the world. It matters that there is someone on the line who can own the issues and resolve them so I am not spending an hour on the phone for simple things.

                      GoDaddy also has dozens of options and plugins you'll probably never use, but are there if you want them. Most of what you need to do you can do without phone calls, and if you do need to make a call the person on the line will walk you through it or do it for you without complaint.

                      The other issue is they are inexpensive. You can get your domain name and hosting for like $58.

                      I am passionate not because I use them, but because I've been through this with sites we started and sites others started on other platforms. 5 years I have been through this...
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                      Paraday_Comm Navigator
                      Hello Moreno-

                      I already answered your post, could you be so kind as to mark my post as same so that everytime another person answers your forever open post that I do not get emailed?

                      I would appreciate this greatly. If not mine please accept one of the other great advisors advice that has been given to you.

                      All the best,