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    Do you believe in a used car guy with integrity?

    Ourcarlot Newbie
      My husband refused to do something illegal, and lost his position as General Manager running 3 large automobile franchises. Ever since, it's as though he has been punished for his integrity and work ethics. In October, 2008, we decided to take a risk and opened a small used car lot in the north Georgia mountains. We're working six days a week, and have plenty of customers, but most lenders guidelines for buying paper are too stringent for the people in this area. Most are hard-working, live on family owned property and have always struggled. Many are paid off the books, unfortunately, and can't prove their income. So, we can't get them financed unless we pay high hedge fees. As a result, we have done more buy-here, pay-here than we should have. My husband has 34 years in the car business, and knows how to buy and recondition cars. All of our vehicles are under $10,000. In a few months, we have earned a reputation in this area for being fair and honest. Our customers pay in person, and stop by if they are going to be a day late. We have invested about $200,000. and are reaching the end of our resources. I think we need another $200,000 to survive. We need advice, an investor, someone to hold paper, possibly a partner. Please let us know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!