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    Customer appreciation – Holiday season

    DafnaR Newbie

      Does anyone have any suggestions on how to show my appreciation to my customers this coming holiday season?

      I have a new consulting business (started just a few months ago) and would like to thank my customers (and maybe a few strong potential leads).

      Should I go with a gift card? other gift?

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Gift cards are always a great idea (BUT NOT YOUR NAME). Do you have a budget??
          A good idea could be a promo that has your company name on it, like a calendar, a day book,
          something useful that says compliments of
          Happy holiday, in advance, LUCKIEST
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            Matzz22 Wayfarer

            I am working with Ribbon Gift Album. Depending on the you budget, you get those albums ranging from $25 - 750 and hand it over to your customer.


            You just have to consider your budget here and not the customer's taste etc as there will be a number of options for your customer to choose from. Then they will just pick up the phone or order there gift over internet and the gift will be shiped to them, of-course no shipping.


            This can be proved to be an excellent way of showing your appreciation.


            Let me know if you need further information.


            Best Regards.
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              LatteLover Newbie

              Depending on how large your customer base is & how much you are able to spend, there are a few ways you could go.

              For a good size customer base, one generic "promo" (cards, etc.) may be the best way to go. Something that is personal for them ("Merry Christmas", etc.) yet not budget-breaking for you.

              If you have a smaller customer base & can afford it, or if you have a few constituents that you wish to send more of a sentiment to, something larger (cookies, gift baskets, etc.) may do the trick.

              Hope this helps...

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                slavaret Adventurer
                I don't think it makes sense for a startup to give $$ back.

                I would try to think of new revenue generating ideas so you can show appreciation AND make some sales or expand. You can offer a 2 for 1 / 50% off special to show your appreciation; or test drive a new service for FREE to the existing customers in return for their feedback. Good prospects/customers should appreciate your gesture AND your business acumen.
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                  MaryKay_Lady Newbie
                  I would give them a little gift bag of goodies! It is so much more personal than the gift card. It shows them you spent the time to look for something nice for each of them. A great idea especially for women is beauty products. I do Mary Kay and everyone loves to be pampered. Plus think about it, not that many people get themselves something nice over the holidays...they are more worried about someone else. There is even great gifts for men as well. Check out my webpage:

                  Let me know if you have any questions.
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                    DafnaR-- gift cards are nice, but even easier is just a simple hand-written note saying thank you.
                    People so rarely use real mail these days that such as gesture will really stand out.
                    You can even include a coupon or refer-a-friend, but don't let that cheapen the original gesture.