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    Local Farmers Market has Questions

    LUCKIEST Guide
      *We have a local farmers market and yes the committee and I are working updating both the business and marketing plans. As we enter our new year of
      operating the farmers market the growing*
      pains and questions continue:

      We have vendors complaining that there is too much of their (type) of product at the market
      Too many vendors are selling the same product lines and it is not profitable to them.
      To what extent should the market regulate the number of vendors selling the same type of product?

      Should the FREE MARKET be left open for any one to bring any appropriate products?
      Should any type of vendor have an exclusive if so what types.
      Some vendors are specialists offering only one product type or service...should they be given preferential treatment?

      How much is too much? Thanks in advance for any suggestions, LUCKIEST
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          puzzleman Tracker
          Luckiest, How much is too much?? Some people would like to be the only one offering their product so they can have the market to themselves.

          In the art shows that I do, the management tends to ensure that not more than 33% of the artists are selling in the genre (jewelry, sculpture, wood...). I think that you might need to regulate the amount if you want to keep some people happy.

          The other way of looking at is the American way of the strong will survive. If the farmers selling the same product don't make enough per farmer, eventually someone(s) will drop out and thereby reduce the herd a little. Isn't this what free enterprise is all about? Let the customer's decide who from and what they want to buy. Or should we let the all powerful OZ decide who gets to come in and who doesn't?

          As far as the whiners go, at every art show that I attend, I run into people who are complaining how their sales are down from last year. And last year they were down from the year before that. And that years sales were down from the year before that. What is amazing to me is that their sales are going down every year but they show up again every year. If sales are so bad why do they keep coming back? They must be making enough money to make it worth their while otherwise they would not come.

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            MetroGal Adventurer
            Perfect that it's summer there are farmer's markets that are springing up everywhere! As an avid shopper of different farmer's markets - what I noticed is that if the market is small in size, then there is noticeable "speciality stalls" - - so only one stall is primarily selling certain types of vegetables, one is selling bread, one is selling honey... But the larger the market is - the more overlap there seems to be - such as multiple stalls selling corn, strawberries, etc. ranging in different quality and price. As a shopper, I love the competition! I hope my input helped.
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                Iwrite Pioneer
                I'm with MetroGirl on this. The competition is good for everyone. I don't think you limit the number of vendors in a "free" market.

                Now, it would be different if it was a paying market, I think you should offer vendors some assurance that they will not be one of many offering the exactly same product.

                Nothing you can do will keep someone from not complaining. I really believe that the competition means that consumers get the best product at the best price. Let the haggling begin.
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