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    odgrell Adventurer
      I am currently in the process of doing market research for my business plan. I drew up a short 13 question survey regarding people's morning routine and their breakfast preferences. I am having a hard time getting people to actually take it, and to take it seriouisly if I do and whats more I do not think that I am reaching the correct market.

      My methods are going into plaza's and shopping centers and asking people if they mind doing a quick survey. Problem is my target market is working '9-5' people who are generally very busy and probably will not take a survey.

      So two questions:
      1. How can I get more people interested in taking my survey?
      2. How get survey people who are generally averse to survey taking?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Research, Who are you?? Can you post the 13 questions??

          If I wanted to do marketing research (and I just saw this on a phone ad on TV) I would hire a attractive
          woman and include her as part of the survey.

          You could also give away FREE candies or cookies

          Good luck
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            odgrell Adventurer

            Thanks for the suggestions. Here are the questions.

            Feel free to answer them and forward me the answers @

            That goes for anyone

            Scramblers' Survey

            1. Please select your age range.
            a. 18-25
            b. 26-35
            c. 36-45
            d. 46-55
            e. 55 or older

            2. Gender?
            a. Male
            b. Female

            3. On average, how many weekdays per week do you skip breakfast?
            a. Never
            b. One or two times
            c. Two or three times
            d. More than three times

            4. On average, how many weekdays per week do you purchase breakfast from a quick-service restaurant (McDonalds, Denny's etc.)
            a. Never
            b. One or two times
            c. Two or three times
            d. More than three times

            5. How much do you spend on breakfast on an average weekday?
            a. N/A
            b. $3-$5
            c. $6-$10
            d. $11-$15
            e. $16 or more

            6. What time do you prefer breakfast?
            a. 6:00 am - 7:00 am
            b. 7:00 am - 8:00 am
            c. 8:00 am - 9:00 am
            d. 9:00 am - 10:00 am
            e. 10:00 am - 11:00 am

            7. How would you describe your morning routines on weekdays?
            a. Very hectic
            b. Slightly hectic
            c. Not hectic
            d. Not at all hectic

            8. On weekends what is your breakfast preference?
            a. Stay in and cook
            b. Eat out
            c. Skip all-together


            9. How satisfied are you with your current breakfast options?
            5 = very satisfied
            1 = not at all satisfied

            a. 5
            b. 4
            c. 3
            d. 2
            e. 1

            10. How important is cost in selecting your breakfast?
            a. Will eat at the least expensive place
            b. Will spend a little more on a better tasting meal
            c. Will pay a premium for a delicious meal
            d. Need a gourmet meal regardless of cost

            11. In relation to breakfast, please list the following items in order of importance:
            5 = most important
            1 = least important
            > Nutrition
            > Cost
            > Taste
            > Convenience
            > Variety

            12. Which statement do you most agree with?
            a. I like to stick to classic breakfast foods (bacon, eggs, waffles, pancakes)
            b. Breakfast foods can get boring; I want alternative foods (salads, quiche, pastries etc.)
            c. I like classic breakfast foods but enjoy alternatives from time to time

            13. How often would you utilize a service that delivers breakfast to your home or place of business?
            a. Not at all
            b. 1 or 2 times a week
            c. 2 or 3 times a week
            d. 3 or more times a week
            e. Only on weekdays
            f. Occasionally or on weekends
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              vnavguys Tracker
              Here is what I would do, I would start a Pay Per click campaign for the survey. You can easily measure its success since you would get the survey results. The campaign should link to a landing page where they can take the survey and get something in return. Value is the key, give them something, if it were me, I would write a free report. Everyone loves free, it transforms people into doing whatever you want them to do. But remember, if you want good results, give some good content. Garbage in equals Garbage out, most forget that when they post their silly get rich schemes here.
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                placeintime Wayfarer
                Here is a thought. Have you tried Facebook or Twitter. I know on Facebook you can put up surveys like that for people to take. I know that it is free to sign up but not sure how to put up the survey. I do know that you can though, my wife takes them all the time and passes them to me. You can tell that they are developled by regualr people that have accounts.

                Just a thought

                Good Luck
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                  odgrell Adventurer
                  People don't seem to have a problem with the length once they start taking it. The first two questions take absolutely no brain power and it helps identify my target. Online surveys don't really appeal to me because I wont know if I am reaching the right people. I will probably try giving away freebies for doing a survey. Gonna have to be something cheap though.

                  Thanks for all the suggestions guys.