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    Starting a clothing line

    Fractured01 Newbie
      Hello, my name is Tom, I have been working on starting my own clothing line now for 2.5 years. I have been to score, and my local SBA office. I took a class on building a business plan. I am an artist and have several designs that are ready to be applied to various styles of clothing. I do not with to use someone elses clothing to put my art on. I am looking for USA clothing manufacturers for he following items:

      Button-down shirts
      thermal shirts

      the manufacturers need to be local to the USA. I am not looking to waste my time with customs and laguage barriers. I need the manufacturers to be able to do runs of 500 - 1000 pieces. I am looking for unique styles that I feel it would be an insult to my art to place it on stuff from artical 1, american apparel, and other major premade products. I want to have input from square one of the design process.