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    Funds for Medical Professionals

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      Please allow me to introduce our company, 25 Group Financial. The purpose of our company is


      to locate funding as your Commercial / Business Loan Broker on a best effort basis. 25 Group Financial is not a lender nor do we decline loans. Our job, specifically, is to act as intermediary between borrower and lender for the purpose of securing financing for your business needs. Our responsibility to you is to determine your needs, feasibility as well as gather proper documentation to forward to a lender(s) who may be able to fund your request.

      25 Group Financial works with numerous lenders across the United States and we do not charge


      any upfront fees for our services. The fee for our services comes directly from loan proceeds


      upon funding. We have lenders that may have funds for your specific needs, covering such


      services as:


      Accounts Receivable Financing


      Equipment Sales / Leaseback Financing


      Unsecured Loans


      Commercial Refinance


      Amortized Secured Loans




      and more...*


      We make it our business to understand your practice, that your time is valuable, this particular


      industry and the constant need for up to date equipment, new or more advanced equipment,


      working capital, malpractice protection and so on.


      Also, feel free to forward our information to any of your professional acquaintances who also


      may be seeking our loan origination service. We appreciate referrals.


      We strive to go above and beyond in all that we do. Let us be your source for you financing


      needs. Please visit for further details and contact info.