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    Do You Need Customers for Your Business?

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      What would you say if I could give you access to potential customers who are in need of your service?



      • In the first 6 months, new movers spend more then the average consumer does in three years. New movers can be renters, homeowners, and new businesses moving into your area. These new movers will be making lifestyle choices in all areas of service in your area to start their new lives.


      • It is a perfect opportunity for you to reach potential customers before your competitors do.


      • As a marketing specialist my goal is to help businesses survive and go on to prosper by providing real and honest tools of support that build the foundation of good and long lasting businesses.


      • We support good business. With our standard of quality and up to date mailing lists, you can gain the advantage.


      • You will save time and money targeting potential customers that need your service as opposed to those hard to win over customers.



      Please visit us at and look us over. You will be able to customize your mailing list to desired areas. As a subscriber you will be alerted when new movers are entered into our data base, giving you the advantage. Getting them first means keeping them longer. There are no risks. Purchase your list according to your budget.



      I would like to extend a special discount of 33% of your customized mailing list through my personal account, just for trying us out. I believe you will find this a better way to building good business.



      I also, would like to extend my personal assistance if you have further question. You can reach me just by replying to this e-mail. Or, contact me with your name, number and time convenient to talk with you. I will get back to you a.s.a.p.



      Thanks for Your Time,



      Jeannie Rios / Marketing Specialist





      Phone: (951)968-0783 (Leave Message)



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