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    How to make a great brochure

    aacl2009 Adventurer
      My business partner and I created a three fold brochure with detailed information about our company and services. Most people we meet just get our business card to hold on to but for the seriously interested people we give them our brochure. We made it in Microsoft Publisher and I think it is rather bland. What programs do other people use or what companies have you used to make you advertisement brochures? Right now I think we have too much text and our background is just a faded red to white.

      Maybe brochures are old hat. Do other people use something else that they find more effective? We have a website but what can we hand out that will stand out? I saw one company mailed a 10 page small booklet with details about all their services, I thought it was a bit much but it was very informative.
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          Iwrite Pioneer
          Brochures are a very useful and effective part of a marketing/advertising campaign when done correctly. Yes, brochures can be done wrong, most are. A brochure needs to communicate a message that resonates with the human beings reading it. Brochures should not be thrown together, they should be designed and written to attract and hold the attention of your target. If you think the copy is too long, then it is.

          Time out for a disclaimer: Great creative is not directly linked to large budgets. A simple idea can be brilliant and generate much business, but a business owner needs to push for great and settle for nothing less.

          Now back to our rant:

          You're in Portland I believe and that city has a pool of great advertising talent that you should be able to tap into to find someone willing to help you create a brochure that will get you notice. Yes, there are templates and websites where you can buy a nice, cheap and quick brochure but what is it they say about first impressions? Something about only getting one chance to make a first impression.

          If you are still reading this, then I have just showed you how you inject personality into what is written and hold someone's attention. It isn't rocket science but it does require some talent. Are you thinking that the brochure is going to do double duty and talk about your cleaning service and your landscape service? That might be too much. You may need two short brochures that sell each service. You don't want to give away the farm - keep the message crisp and clear. Keep it light and alive.

          I really believe you can do some really great work for your company or at least find someone who can.

          I hope this helps.

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              aacl2009 Adventurer

              That was awesome advice! I had thought about companies in the areas but was afraid we were too small to aford them. I guess it doens't hurt to inquire. I will repost once I find a solution. Thanks!
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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  No problem. Contact the local ad club and ask them to refer a really good freelance art director and a really good freelance copywriter. Some of the smaller agencies in town and some of the big ones will be interested if you are willing to let them do creative work. You would be surprised how many folks aren't. But as long as it communicates your message and engages your target, what does it hurt that it is creative?

                  The real secret is that no one in advertising charges extra for doing creative work, most of us charge extra for dealing with bad clients.

                  Here's the link to the Portland ad club:

                  Good luck.