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    Start-up Funding Guidence

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      I am energized with optomisum. I have just finished my business plan after working on it for 10 months. It was a great experience and accomplishment to have done every aspect of it on my own, with some mentoring help of couse. I am not discouraged by the economy, because I know that alot or great companies were started in bad economic times. I am now trying to find start-up money, and am wonder what is the best avenue to take. I am calculated risk taker, I think anyone who starts a business is and should be. I talked to the SBA in my state and they told me to try, on my own, to get bank funding then come back to them if unsucessful. Anyway I am looking for some advice. I have done the SCORE consuling and read and re-read and gone over this business plan and I want to move on it. The building that I need it to go in is current up for lease so I want to move on this ASAP.

      Here is the cliffnote on the business: it is a kids play cafe with a twist. It is going to be set in an historic building, in a historic town. It will be on the smaller side so we can focus on the food quality, cleanlines and service. In the county that I want to put it in there is 180,000 and there is just one such establishment, with none in any of the surrounding towns. I am looking an putting up $50,000 of my money and am looking for an addional $250,000. I have listed my wife as the majority owner, so as to be a woman owned business and we both have excellant credit, in the low to mid 700's. I am just intersted in the best and quickest way to get this financed. I am exicted to start this chapter in my life and making my own future. Anyone who can point me in the right direction would be apprectiated.