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    Convert Your Car To A Hybrid With HHO System Kits!

    bashers Wayfarer
      We manufacture Water4Gas HHO System kits and components. If you don't have a faulty Oxygen Sensor and Map/Maf Sensors you will achieve 35% or more Mileage per Gallon. All the work is simplified for the average person with little or no auto mechanic skills.

      Order now and have your very own HHO running Hybrid Vehicle. Have your HHO System installed in one afternoon and start saving gas and your engine.

      Note: We no longer use the Plexiglas and the wire! We Now use a combination of Stainless Steel Discs spaced on Stainless Steel Rods. This increases surface area for more HHO production because you can add 4 teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate in a generator (cell). This Electrolyzer also eliminates overheating problem associated with Plexiglas towers.

      You have to install a complete kit to achieve the above results.

      Our Complete Kit comes with the following;

      2 x Electrolyzer Cells
      PCV Enhancer
      Map Sensor Enhancer
      Fuel Warmer 6' Vacuum Hose
      Installation Instruction Manual
      Electrical accessories for complete & easy installation

      Take advantage of our reduced prices and save on Gas!

      To order on line visit our website at;