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    Lounge Bar

    LTcorp Newbie
      So let's be honest we all know that the Economy is not at its best form , but i still think it should not stop People from strating up there own business.
      Me and my friend/partner a planing to open up a Lounge Bar , we are planing to open it up near by the local college since the target costumes are
      the ages 18+ the bar is meant to be a place to relax after school or after a hard day at work , people should be able to enjoy thereself in the warm interior
      while relaxing music is plaing in the backgroung a kind of a "getaway" from the everydaylife ...

      Does anyone have tip's / experiance / idea's about how to find the best price for location / legal issues / finance etc. ?

      Thank you in advance
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Lounge Bar, Welcome Altin

          We love Chicago. If I was going to open a Lounge Bar, I would do two things first

          ONE: Develop a Business and Marketing Plan

          Two: Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            antiques4me Wayfarer
            First make sure you can get a liquor license. Depending on the city/area - there maybe a limited number of them available for purchase. You may also want to check on regulations for noise as well as business operating hours. Some areas are stricter than others. If I were you, I would go to your local city hall and ask what the regulations are for your area. Who knows, some areas may not even allow certain business types to open.
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              RanksIntl Adventurer

              I love your attitude!

              Is this just an idea or are you already making plans?

              For a loungebar there a lot factors that you are going to need to take into consideration. I imagine on top of liquor you will probably want to serve some type of food.

              The very first thing that you and your partner will want to do is create some sort of a business plan which will be a general guide to your business and the foundation for it moving forward. Especially when you are looking for investors. In this you will answer all of your important questions.

              I would love to talk to you about what you are doing and offer advice. If you can give me some information about your location and your history then I can offer tips and advice. My email is if you would like to send me some info. I specialize in small business and expansion so I'd love to help you and if you decide that this a step you want to take I can also offer you any services you may need!
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