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    I need help advertising my landscaping business

    aacl2009 Adventurer

      I recently started a landscaping business and I am looking for effective ways to generate leads. Here are some ideas we have tried that didn't work so well:

      • Postcard Mailers
      • Craiglist Ads
      • Emails to large companies
      • Letters to managers at local businesses

      Here are some ideas we are currently pursuing:

      • Radio Advertising
      • Yellowbook (Online and in book)
      • Personal visits to established businesses with landscape needs
      • Partnering with gutter installers (for our gutter cleaning services)
      • Paying for leads, $100 to every person that refers a business that signs a contract
      • Promotional give-aways from our website also advertised on radio

      Please let me know if there are any other ideas you all may have.
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          zolacat999 Adventurer
          have you considered a website
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            I need help advertising my landscaping business

            Zack, It sounds like you need help developing a successful marketing program or plan

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              phanio Pioneer
              It seems you are doing the right things. The trick with marketing is to keep making changes to dial your message in. It may not be your marketing channel but could be your message. many in this economy are cutting back - that means doing their own landscaping or just letting it go. Your message might want to relay that you are a low cost provider or can work your own stimulus deal that lets them make payments or let them customize what services they want and when.

              You have to constantly tweek your channels and message - this is the key to marketing and also what makes it a pain.

              Find a small business development center (SBDC) that serves your area - they can help you research and develop a marketing plan based on your potential customers and your budget.

              I would also suggest you try very hard to work with your local media (print and TV). You could write articles or provide tips to them (that they will either print or put on TV for free) that sho people how to get by with less water, which plants, etc are better in the summer months, better seed quality or even tips and tricks. This could get you publicity as well as may become a regular segment.

              Business Money Today
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                  Iwrite Pioneer

                  This is great advice from phanio. It may not be the medium but the message. I was kind of confused when I first arrived at your site because the image is a living room but your name sounds more industrial.

                  I know that everyone thinks your name is the most important thing but it isn't - your message is. Think about adding a strong headline to the homepage that communicates your message.

                  Now, about SCORE and Luckiest. A lot of what you are asking could have been dealt with if you had known about and used SCORE. A lot of people get an attitude because Luckiest is constantly referring people to SCORE but it is a free service and you can get detailed answers and information to your particular situation without someone trying to sell you something. It may not be the answer you want to hear but it is an answer you might need to hear.

                  I think it is important that you get your name out there, think about hosting some informational courses for churches where you give out landscaping tips. You can also do home owner associations. You could even host a best lawn contest. Look into partnering with Habitat for Humanity on their builds. Think creative about things. Offer a free cleaning to show the quality that you offer. Think about designing a direct mail piece that includes a really interesting leave behind piece. Contact local businesses and offer to prove how great your service is. Offer to start gardens and flower beds at schools. Clean up an eyesore.

                  I can go on but I think you get the picture. No matter how good your website is, most people select landscaping businesses by actually seeing the work. Get out there. Good luck.
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                    aacl2009 Adventurer
                    AWESOME! What great input, I expecialy like the tips through media idea. I have seen this before but had completely forgotten about it. Thank you both very much for your input, these are great suggestions. I will definately be using these ideas. I will also give SCORE a try as well. Thanks again!
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                    payperclikfl Newbie
                    I rerommend get listed in the local directories, Google, Yahoo and MSN local, using the correct keywords. We provide this service.
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                      globalmpr Wayfarer
                      Some of my suggestions on advertising are:

                      1. Place stickers on all your vehicles.

                      2. Make T-shirts and wear them.

                      3. Give out free promtional items such as pens, cuffee cups, etc.... ( you can get these items from for cheap)

                      4. Network online, myspace, facebook, twiitter, and your own web page. You can hire somebody yourself or you can use's website tonight which is pretty simple if you are some what computer savvy. Be sure to enter your webpage in to the google searche engines

                      5. Talk to your local banks and ask them if they have any forclosures or other properties with yards that need fixing up since there are so many out there.

                      6. Talk with your local small business assocssiation and ask them how they could help. ( you can just google your states small business office)


                      Also, I just noticed that you did use godaddy's web site tonight, great website!


                      Patrick F.
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                        kwikturn Newbie
                        IBUZZ is the answer, this is software that you can use to find customers for your business and take your marketing system to the next level.
                        If you don't have it yet, get it now! It is simple and easy to install.

                        Go to:
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                          Revolutionary Newbie
                          for printing and graphics.

                          website is defnitly good idea. but without search engine optimization. which is the most cost effctive way to get new customers, the website is useless.
                          for FREE website, and SEO qoute fill this.

                          i think yellow books ads are waist of money, they will probbly only cover your ad costs.
                          move your advertising online, you will see return on your investment!
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                            TonyLe Newbie
                            There are various ways that you can market your business, my older brother actually runs a successful landscaping business. I myself am a marketing consultant and I'll be willing to help you, you can give me a call and I can give you a few ideas that may help. 425.213.0923. Talk to you soon!

                            -Tony Le
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                              JohnWasHere Newbie
                              Well i know that i am looking for people to buy advertisment spaces from me thru paypal. if you are intrestested or have any questions about it contack me @ Thanks Hope to hear from you
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                                DanielleTRL Newbie

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                                These are just a few and to see that my company is responsible for getting these clients up on the front page just click on where it says more on their profile and then click on where it says video and photos and you should see my logo.


                                Also feel free to take a look at our website at


                                Thank you so much for your time and hope to hear from you soon!

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