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    Starting a Business

    RanksIntl Adventurer

      Hi, my name is Renee and I am new to these forums.

      In the past 24 hours that I have been here I have seen something that is incredibly refreshing and exciting...the passion and willingness of so many people to start their own business. Obviously we all know that the economy is dismal to say the least but people are still willing to do what it takes and put their all into making something happen.

      Surprisingly, for all of us looking to make our small businesses grow there are a few upsides:

      1. Small businesses sprout up and grow in a tougher economy. A stronger economy is more prime for bigger corporations so now that times are tough you will be seeing more small businesses go out and make it. So, yay small business!

      2. This is probably going to be the most important point to many of you. Government lending to small businesses is going up as the economy goes down. Yes, as always it will be difficult to receive financing but it is out there and now more than ever the government is looking to help. Private lending through banks as well as commercial lending is becoming difficult to get so dive in and get your piece of the action(while the government is still feeling generous!)

      3. If you can start your small business now and make an impact NOW you are far more likely to see a huge return when the economy bounces back. The harder you work now and the harder you strive the more your company will flourish when the economy turns. If you prove you can make it now the easier it will be to hold your own against the big guys!

      Thanks for listening and for those of you who have welcomed me! If you need any help starting your business or just need someone to bounce ideas off of I'd be happy to help!

      Renee Rankine