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    rural tourism

    kyakahain Newbie
      how to sell the idea of rural tourism to individuals,corporates and rest of world. please review and comment.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          I wen to the web site "" and got Rural King Farms and Home Store.
          Is that what you are asking about??
          The best way to sell an idea is to do a MARKET REPORT, Identifying customer demand,
          Identifying your market, its size and location. Also include advertising and marketing.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            Corporations may want a quiet place for retreats or board meetings. If there are any B&B's in the area(s) offfering meeting facilities for small businesses that may be a selling point. You could contact the local Chamber of Commerce iin the nearest larger urban area.

            If your community has several artists and a gallery this could become a draw as well.
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              Are you trying to "sell the idea of rural tourism" in general -- or are you seeking input on how to sell the specific trek from Bengaluru that's outlined on the web page you provided?

              If it's the former, the State of Maine provides some good examples and role models -- almost half of that state's home-based and small businesses are essentially in the rural tourism industry. It's an untapped opportunity in many other areas, however.

              If it's the latter, I'd need to know more about what you're envisioning to offer any suggestions (e.g., who exactly would you be targeting -- businesses in the capital city, foreign tourists looking for a day trip, others?).

              Interesting concept. Good luck!
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                hmutaii Newbie

                My names are Hudson Mutai, and am from Kenya , East Africa. I am looking for an investor in the tourism industry. Tourism is a service industry which has no limit unlike other types of investment. East Africa has all it takes interms of tourism satisfaction. Am looking for any one willing to invest in the industry and I will be willing to give any information required interms of setting up the venture.
                The capital investment for the industry will be minimal. I beleave you are willing to invest in any business I would advice tourism. Get intouch so that we can share alot concerning the type of tourism investment available in Africa, Eastern Africa. Kenya has enough room for investors in the tourism industry from hotels, villas, ticketing car hire and many more. you can get intouch with me on