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    Demand for readymade houses

    scott123 Newbie

      Plots have started going out of demand and the craze these days is for something that one can move into without much fuss involved. Those were different days. Search for a suitable piece of land to build a house and then spend months watching it take a shape. Discuss with mason and carpenter, run around for construction material, compare the costs and the whole family would become involved in the experience of acquiring a home.


      Growth of your Kerala apartment , you fondly watched it acquire a shape. As it rose, you wouldn't mind to cure it even when during rains. Long discussions followed and the family would make regular visits to monitor construction work. Invite friends and relatives for a closer look and then derive joy from admiration in their eyes. "Oh, he is building a home." But then, those were different days. Acquiring a dwelling was an experience that was savored to the fullest. However, recent times have changed the trend and for various reasons ready to occupy units have come into vogue.


      From flats, independent dwellings, row houses, duplex, triplex to villas, prospective buyers have shifted focus on putting their monies on something that is easy to acquire and does not demand much of personal time. Plots have slowly started going out of demand and the craze these days is for something that one can move into without much fuss involved. This to some extent, as a real estate developer agreed, has shifted the industry's attention also from offering plots to start building houses and seek clientele.


      The glistening brochures depicting floor plans, façade, exteriors and amenities of built homes have replaced handouts which would give bare details of plotting. Since getting loans on flats and houses is easy to come by, it has also further strengthened the preference. And as spare time went into a scarcity, one hardly wish to spend long hours with designers, follow it up with masons, run around carpenters and plumbers and wait for the arrival of the electrician.


      While in locations on the suburbs that are not really bustling with amenities and not yet ready to build and move in, plots are still offered but developers admit of a waning enthusiasm among buyers.


      Another factor working against the concept of purchasing plots as investment option happen to be lack of security in view of increasing instances of encroachments and protracted efforts required to reclaim them.