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    Changes in my contact information

    jastbtrucking Wayfarer
      I have had to make changes in my contact information. My phone number will no longer be listed. I will be able to be contacted through my email.
      Apparently, there are a lot of companies that respond to this site that have nothing to do with what I am seeking.


      If you are reading this then think of why just for a second. Maybe you are looking for a good investment or thinking of a new business idea that you may be able to start. I am tired of working for everyone else. Theres a shooting star in every crowd. You just gotta have enough sense to see it. My plan and future business will become a HUGE leader in the trucking industry. The Problem: Truck drivers are not getting home. They are sitting in their trucks wondering if they are going to make it home. They are out for 14 days to a month without seeing their family. Big trucking businesses can not put enough drivers on the road. They have the supply but cant fill the demand. The EPA and the Federal Government has stepped in and started limiting the amount of idling a truck can run. Something for you to think about also is "How many states are there in these United States?" Now, take some of your largest trucking companies and divide the number of trucks into our United States. You are thinking, wow, they are doing really good. But are they? Irritated drivers, low pay, fuel crisis, driver shortages and federal regulations??? Now how does it look? The Answer to the Problem. Invest in a NEW trucking company that has the answer to every one of the above problems? By simplifying the process of delivery, we CAN run a trucking business that exceeds all Federal Regulations, Get the driver home DAILY, pay more per week, stop idling trucks and improve EPA regulations. Hmmmm. Now theres a great idea. I am looking for REAL investors. I dont care the amount you invest just invest. Maybe Bank of America can step in and assist by offering their Payroll Specialists, Bookkeepers, Internal Auditors to help us in starting this business. I will handle the hiring of the rest of the team such as: President / Chief Financial Officer Vice President of Operations Vice President of Marketing Operations manager Safety Coordinator / Vehicle Compliance Manager Quality control Receptionist / Office Manager Shipping Manager Receiving Manager Driver Training Instructor Interested Now? Bank of America, how about starting an account for me and my investors. Once we get to $50,000 Dollars. Thank you. For answers to any questions feel free to contact James at . I recently have lost my phone and had it shut off. I check my email several times a day and will get back with you.
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          So if a tandem team picks up an aircraft engine at JFK and the final destination is Dallas, both teams will be home that evening? What are you doing, stationing drivers in cities along routes? How are they getting back to home base? What defines a driving day?

          (I read this post because I was curious as to why a member would post contact changes....)
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            If you have the answer to all of these problems in the trucking industry, instead of waiting for people to magnetically gravitate to you because you have such a great idea, why don't you put together a business plan and start hitting some of the larger carriers?

            No bank is going to offer up services and money just because you think you have the latest bag of potatoe chips. Starting a business and getting it to market takes more than asking people to invest, you have to show tthem something to invest IN. Which you have not done.

            I see all of these people you want to hire but you have not mentioned a traffic specialist or hazmat.
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                jastbtrucking Wayfarer
                We will be a non-haz mat carrier.
                Hitting the "larger carriers" is just what the carriers want you to do.
                They make more money if you "sign on" with them. What a lot of people don't understand is when you do sign on with them, you practically sign your life away.
                As far as a business plan, you have automatically assumed that I don't have one, when in fact it is approximately 62 pages in length. It describes everything from who, what, when where, how and why this company will excell. We don't operate in teams.
                "taking it to market" for me is to promote without a cost expense. Therefor, if I were to spend even $5,000 doing research on promotions, that would be $5,000 less towards the start up.
                This is a Florida only company.
                After setting up operations in the East Central Florida area, our plans are to expand to other states using the shuttle system.
                A driving day consists of running a minimum of 500 miles.
                Traffic specialist is handled by the individual operators.
                Hope this answers all your questions.