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    I've Started... now what?!

    Crossfire_CC Newbie
      My husband and I have started a full service design firm that handles all kinds of creative needs. We have such great products, great low cost rates, and awesome customer service but I just don't know how to bring the business in and get anyone to listen. I am more of a project manager, I love running jobs and being creative so the sales person role I've taken on is killing me. I feel like a fish out of water and don't know how to get my message out there. I've ordered my marketing flyers, which should come in today and I plan on painted the town tomorrow. Any ideas suggestions? Where can I find the people willing to listen and How do I sell my company without being all crazy nutjob on them but still feel like the good honnest person that I am just trying to get my message out there... I feel like I am bothering every time I talk to someone? Any suggestions?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          I've Started... now what??

          Contact SCORE online. SCORE is FREE and can help.

          Good luck painting the town, LUCKIEST
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            Cash_in_Hand Adventurer

            First and foremost congratulations!!! You have taken your first steps toward the American Dream. So be prepared to fall quite a few times. One word for you NETWORKING!! There are Chamber of Commerce events that lets Network with other small business owners to get your name out there. Start looking for Fair Shows to ply your products at, flyers are great.just keep your head up cause your doing great..
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger
              Obviously, I don't know what your "in person" pitch is like when you approach prospective clients -- but your opening sentence here was ". . . a full service design firm that handles all kinds of creative needs." Unfortunately, that may not mean anything to a decision-maker who wants/needs the kind of work you do.

              A full-service design firm may do everything from e-commerce website creation to a multimedia advertising campaign. If you're a small firm, my guess is that you're not really experienced and exceptional at everything, but you're hopefully experienced and exceptional at a few things -- and my suggestion would be to focus on those intitally and emphasize your competitive position in the marketplace that exists for those things.

              For example if your greatest marketable strengths was website design or banner advertising or business identity or whatever, you'd decide how you wanted to present yourself in that market -- best, fastest, least expensive, most creative, most adaptable, etc. -- and then use the portfolio of related projects you have to prove it. As you approach prospects, telling someone who needs a website designed that you are "a full services design firm that handles all kinds of creative needs" won't be nearly as effective as saying, "We design websites that just amazing, and we can do them faster and for less than anyone else in town." Basically, people are more willing to listen when you're talking in terms of their needs and what it takes to satisfy them.

              Hope that helps. Welcome to the community and best wishes with your new enterprise.