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    Try To Find Funding For New Business

    TheBoardRoom Wayfarer
      I am looking for funding to start the first truly successful nationwide
      retailer of board games and gaming accessories in the United States...a
      3.4 billion dollar marketplace. We have the plan, the skill set and the passion,
      we just need the funding to get the business off the
      ground. Board games have been historically recession proof during the last 25 years and have consistently risen each and every year.

      My fiancee and I have been through some very rough times recently, an
      illness that has left us financially drained and credit we
      cannot contribute any monies into the project or pay up front
      fees...although we are more than willing to pay any fees out of any
      monies received or to pay back more funds than loaned to make up for
      the consideration. We would also offer equity positions within the
      company to repay your confidence in the projects viability.

      We are willing to make any arrangement that will allow the business to get off the ground and after the initial
      repayment of the loan amount.

      After what we have been through, we need a
      target to shoot for, even if it is a long shot. I know this can
      succeed...I have been in retail for more than 25 years, from a part
      time sales person to a Regional Manager.

      I am seeking $100,000 repayable over 3-5 years at a negotiable ROI. As I
      said, any arrangement, including profit sharing, equity positioning or
      other situations would be acceptable.

      In addition to the plan, we have completed the following:

      Fixture & Supply Lists
      Inventory Selection - 95% complete
      Operations Manual - 90% complete
      Location Scouting
      FEIN Obtained

      I know this may seem like an extreme long shot...which it is...but I KNOW it can work!!

      I hope you can help us make this a reality.

      Contact me at and I can send along a copy of the Business Plan and 10 YR PF.