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    Who is responsible for correcting Sign?

    movhomes Wayfarer
      I used a marketing firm to design our new logo and signage. They had all of the signs made and installed. However, the outdoor light up sign for the location, you can not even see the logo, name of the business or phone numbers from the other side of the driveway. Who is responsible for correcting this issue?
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          Iwrite Pioneer
          Why can't you see it? Trees or a building blocking it? Or is the angle bad?

          Either way, the marketing firm should have seen this coming. I can only tell you that I would bite the bullet and pay to have the issue resolved, but that is me. And since I do advertising I can say this.

          This should not be a huge fix.

          Talk with them and explain the problem and ask them to make it right. If they value your relationship, they will fix it. Unless you requested the sign be where it is. In that case, the responsibility is partially yours, they did as you requested. Should they have advise you against it? Yes. But in the end they did what you ask, if you said to place it there. If the sign is where you directed them to put it, offer to split the cost of moving it, because both of you are at fault.

          I know this may not be what you want to hear, and others may disagree with me but this is my opinion. Hope it helps.
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            movhomes Wayfarer
            The font is too small...they knew exactly where it was going and how high up. The design that we approved was on a pdf file. Trusting the firm knew what it would look like 20 ft up and 8x5.
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                Iwrite Pioneer
                That's why I asked. You didn't give us enough information.

                I thought it was because the sign couldn't be seen, but the real problem is readability.

                How much information is on this sign?

                Depending on the type of sign, this may not be too costly a fix.

                I would think the firm is not happy about the idea of paying to fix this because you signed off on a design but you were trusting them to be professionals and advise you on what is best. As an advertising agency, I would pay to fix this but I'm not sure everyone would.
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Who is responsible for correcting Sign??

                I am NOT a Lawyer, BUT need more info.

                ONE, You used a marketing firm. TWO, They made the signs. To me it seems that something happened between one and two.

                Did you sign a contract??
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                  Crossfire_CC Newbie
                  Hi Movhomes - I own a full service design firm and I see your point. The company should have shown you a realistic view of what it would look like in place, like a 3D model of it so that there would be no questions. That's what we do.. we provide 3D renderings of all of our design work like signage and so forth so that everything is up front and you won't have issues like this.... But based off what I know about the old design firm I used to work for you more than likely signed a contract that states once the artwork is approved they are not responsible... Not cool, I know - You would expect them to know what font sizes would be acceptable at that install location. Well if you ever need a new design firm we'd love to help - I can email you our flyer so you can see how we design things like this... and as a bonus we are typically half the price as our main competitors. Back to the money though - all I can say is call the president and raise hell. -
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                    Lighthouse24 Ranger
                    If the "design" involved them being in control of the process and making recommendations regarding the location and size of the sign, the content that should included on it, and the design elements used (fonts, colors, etc.) -- recommendations that you fully agreed to and followed -- then they should be responsible. If, however, you asked them to do something that was different than or beyond those recommendations -- such as ultimately using a smaller sign or adding more information to it -- then you may be responsible for the way it turned out (especially if they have an initial design drawing or recommendation in writing that would have resulted in a readable sign). I hope it works out okay for you. Good luck.