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    Analysis of the site from the point of trustability

    annazelenskay Newbie
      Hi everyone. I'm working for a software development company with head office in Kharkiv (Ukraine). Our team develops web and desktop applications, mobile and embedded software.

      We are an offshore outsourcing company - which menas, that prospective customers are visiting corporative website to check if it is reliable company or not. (Sure, that's not the only their purpose)))

      I need your advice. If you would need a business application, or a website, or CRM system - any software - and if you'd visit the site, what information would you request?

      What should I add to the website to leave you no doubts about our reliability and professionalism? - For we are truly honest, professional , and still some people have prejudices.

      And would really like to know your complete feedback.

      Would you (as an intrepreneur) be interested in subscribing to articles about outsourcing your software development?

      Site is -

      Thank you very much in advance)
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Businesses that outsource development want to be sure that the developers do not build in back doors and vulnerability so that the developers can then come back and use these tools to steal data and information from their clients.

          There is really no way to verify that an outsourced developer is honest unless the company doing the outsourcing has a programmer monitor the development...something most development companies would not like. You may want to consider third party monitoring of your development until you are established.

          From my point of view, I would want to see a professional website, one that stresses what the developers CAN DO, along with other companies that you have developed for as well as testimonials from these companies.

          People that make a big deal out of being honest on their websites usually are NOT honest. Being a Ukrainian company you have some bad press to overcome, do not make it worse by telling everyone how honest you are. Show your honesty by your work and develop your reputation, hire only the best people and make them sign a performance/ethics standards agreement if you have to.

          Good Luck.
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            DeanMalibu Adventurer
            My fiance is from Belgrade,Serbia so I understand the prejudices you speak of. But, like Dive said great examples carry more weight than anything else. Being from eastern Europe gives you a lot of because you average income their is around 400 euro a month you have the opportunity to get a lot of clients from under bidding all the normal competition. Remember the work you do speaks for itself!!!!!
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                annazelenskay Newbie
                Thanks Dean,
                have you noticed something else?

                How do you like usability and content?
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                    DeanMalibu Adventurer
                    well I would like to see a very slick more modern site...for example my business needs a website. For online ordering of food an the ability to take credit cards. My business is actually a video game retail store that offers games, food, & movies...."Delivered". We deliver all pre-ordered new releases at midnight. I need pre-order capability online as well and taking paymment for tournamments as well. We have an in- house live lounge where up to 12 people at a time can be online...via X-box Live. To me a site needs to answer all these needs and if you could take IM orders that woud be something new & original. I am jaded because of my needs...ust like your potential customers will them something they have never seen before & they will respond.