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    Period of economic crisis,do you want to earn more money??

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      Hi everyone ,


      Period of economic crisis,do you want to earn more money?? Come here let me tell you something about how could earn more money . .


      Founded in 1966, TONSON has always being a contribution to chemical, food, paper, plastic, and pharmaceutical industries by providing them efficient solution and equipment. We have over thirty years of experience successfully dealing with industries. Accordingly, it is now a familiar and reliable brand among all the major industries globally. Besides, TONSON is presently the most well known main manufacturer for Air Motors in Taiwan. Nevertheless, we are continuously developing new products for better working efficiency with reasonable cost for the industries. At the moment, we manufacture wide range of industrial equipment and hold several international patents. Products include Air Motors, Air Mixers, Air Fan, Pressure Tank, Drum Handler, Diaphragm Pump, and Spray Guns for use in all major industries. Patented products are registered in U.S., China and Taiwan including 100% Explosion-proof radial piston air motor, 100% Explosion-proof air fan, Reversible Air Motor Control, bung entry mixer¡Ketc

      Unlike other conventional products, TONSON products mainly utilize air instead of electricity as the source of power; thus, it eliminates the chance of electricity shock and fire which are the most crucial factors for industries involved in chemical, flammable or volatile contents. TONSON Air Motors, Air Mixers, and Air Fans are engineered to meet the highest standard featuring 100% Explosion-proof, low air consumption, light weight, high torque, reversible stepless speed control, easy maintenance, and various mounting method. It may also be applied in harsh working condition such as humid, high temperature and volatile. Engineering safety factor and material selection are taken into account seriously upon design and manufacturing to produce the most safe and reliable equipment.


      Why don't you try to use it ?


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