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    How to insert Youtube video into Powerpoint

    Kesolea Newbie
      More often than not, we will include a
      video in our presentation. Where can we find all sorts of video online?
      Most probably you will say Youtube. Yes, Youtube provides us with the
      most various and fantastic videos. We can get almost all the video
      concerning all the topic.

      But here is the problem. The format of the video downloaded from
      Youtube is .flv. As we all know, Microsoft Powerpoint is not compatible
      with the .flv format when embeding the multimeida. So there must be
      other way to realize our goal.Now follow my steps.

      First, you have to download the video.Here is a website that can
      allow you download the video by simply providing the url of the video.

      Second, convert the video to other format such as .wmv or .avi. The
      reason I have talked about above. You can search for some software to
      do this or you can just enter this site for free conversion

      After conversion, you can insert it into your presentation.

      You can read the article I've written the other day

      - How to insert a Movie (or video) into PowerPoint 2003?

      - How to insert a video into PowerPoint 2007?

      It won't work if you upload the you presentation directly onto
      Youtube. Again you have to think about the format. It seems that Google
      and Microsoft agree like cats and dogs. You can download a software
      called* powerpoint to video*. It can convert your presentation to video without losing any effect.

      Step1, download Powerpoint to video and intall it on your computer.

      Step2, convert the presentation following the guide of the software. It's easy!

      Step3, upload it to Youtube and enjoy it with the public.