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    Put PowerPoint presentation to the iPod

    Kesolea Newbie
      I don't mean a simple patchwork of slide images onto iPod. Rather, what I mean is to put a whole* PowerPoint slideshow to the iPod*, without any loss of dynamic animations or recorded narrations.

      Expecting your presentation to go on as sleek as a movie on the iPod, you can choose to convert PowerPoint to an iPod ready video.
      MS PowerPoint has a set of Save As options, like HTML and PDF, yet it
      doesn't support a Save As iPod Movie function. Nevertheless, that
      doesn't matter, while you can take some standalone conversion apps like
      Moyea PPT to iPod Movie. The PowerPoint to iPod converter is really a two-click option, never bothering you to those complicated yet vain techniques.

      Here is the exact practice:

      *First, download a copy of *Moyea PPT to iPod Movi*e and install it on your computer.*
      Go to the download center of Moyea PPT to iPod Movie, and pick a trial or a registered
      copy. It is recommended that you try the free demo to test its effect.
      If the program works well with your OS, then you can consider
      installing a full version on your PC.

      Second, input one or more PPT file(s) that you would like to convert to iPod movie.
      Click Add to import a PowerPoint file (PPT, PPS, PPTX, and PPSX) to the converter.

      Make sure the Style has been set to "iPod Movie".

      Finally, start converting after every essential is well set.
      Customize the conversion parameters, e.g. watermarking the movie,
      adjusting video quality, inserting background music or your own
      narration, if it is necessary. Otherwise, simply click Start to begin the conversion.

      When an iPod movie comes out, it's easy to hook it onto your own
      iPod. The sounds, animations, and your recorded voice narration can
      play as well on the iPod as you deliver the same PowerPoint
      presentation with a projector. Moreover, you can upload it to your blog
      or YouTube, making it quickly available to your friends and readers.

      Apart from the above method I've mentioned, there are several other tips on putting PowerPoint presentation to iPod:

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      Enjoy your PowerPoint tour on iPod!