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    Favorite Web Hosting provider? Has it changed?

    koz4change Adventurer
      What is your favorite Web Host and why? Has your favorite Web Host changed in the last year or two?

      All feedback is appreciated!
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          lalithabrahma Adventurer

          Their email and phone support is very good. They underpromise and over deliver.
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          • Favorite Web Hosting provider? Has it changed?
            David Wayfarer



            Great support, Always there to help you with any issue......


            I will recommend to everyone...

            • Favorite Web Hosting provider? Has it changed?

              I have been using HostMonster for all my wbesites and yet I can say, these guys are my favorite hosting providers.




              1. Economical Prices

              2. Reliable & Well-Reputed (they rank in top 10 in most hosting review sites with high user ratings)

              3. Fast (with no downtime at all---at least for me, hehehe)

              4. No issues with any technical things

              5. Friendly and timely customer support/live support


              So who's your favorite hosting provider?

              • Favorite Web Hosting provider? Has it changed?

                I have had great experience with


                Here's why I like them


                1. Geared towards Small to Mid Size Businesses

                2. US Based Toll Free Phone Support

                3. Free Web Builder, Ecommerce and WordPress software

                4. Excellent Stats

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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger

                  I know what I want -- and don't want -- from a hosting service.  I want speed, reliability, security, e-mail support, advanced FTP options, file sharing functions, and account management features that often aren't available with "basic" hosting packages.  I don't want someone else's ads or other garbage displaying on my sites, and I don't want to deal with a "sneaky" provider that jacks up prices after the first year, does upsells or auto-renewals without authorization, has no real customer support, etc.


                  For several years, Network Solutions was my preferred provider.  They offered everything I needed, and delivered dependable and professional services.  There were no surprises.  In the past year, however, things have really changed for the worse.  Multiple outages lasting more than a full business day (two in the past week), lost e-mails and attachments (contracts, specifications, etc.), security glitches, the inability to log-on and access the admin account for extended periods, and non-responsive customer service (there's either a busy signal, or a message saying "All trunks are busy, please call back later").  On-line support requests have generated e-mails confirming that they received the requests and assigned ticket numbers, but that's it -- there is no actual follow-up or support.  This type of hosting can put you out of business.


                  So, I'm looking for a new provider, and while cost is a consideration, it's not the main consideration (after all, Network Solutions' services are not inexpensive).  So I'm posting here to follow any recommendations that come from the community over the next couple of months (and if you can note how long you've been with the provider you're recommending, that will be very helpful -- almost everybody seems to be okay the first year).


                  Thanks, and best wishes.

                    • Favorite Web Hosting provider? Has it changed?
                      wordperfect Scout

                      Hi lighthouse, well I replied to you but it seems to have run aground in  moderation, probably because I included the contact e-mail of my provider, so if you are still looking, send me a private message and we can go from there. I am in China, my guy is in UK.


                      I have a basic plan, it provides all my needs, FTP uploads, Web mail, they have NEVER been down [that I noticed] even when they had a fire in one of their servers. They offer upscale plans but this suits me fine.


                      I think it costs about US$10 a year, I have been with them for close on 6 years now so I forget the details.


                      The only pain is payment, from China getting cash out is a wee hassle but it should be a doddle for you.