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    Plz help with corporate blogging

    robbert Newbie
      Hi all, I am new here and I have a peculiar problem related to corporate blogging. I have a client who is quite excited about corporate blogging and wants to implement it asap but is not sure about posting regulations for the employees.

      If the rules become too strict, the whole purpose of blog might fail and if they become too loose, some confidential information might tumble out.

      So guys plz help here as my client and I want this blog to be a major information sharing and marketing tool and you guys are expert online marketers, so plz help me formulate the best strategy for corporate blogging.

      I am also attending a webinar ( of social media marketing expert Dave Evans for this purpose. Will that help? Also tell me what are the right questions to ask there? This guy seems to know his business and this webinar will actually cover corporate blogging.