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    Great cost savings on the most popular business software Wayfarer
      Established businesses and new startups alike benefit from the low cost of VOS™- a solution that is critical in a down economy or when funds are tight.

      Check out for "traditional desktop" software available online. Benefits- work securely from any computer with Internet access, your programs and data files are protected from computer failure, theft or other loss, save money by NOT buying servers, Microsoft® Office or backup devices. See the demo directly on the Homepage of for more information.

      Yes, the Internet is required for VOS™, but Internet access is more widely available and less expensive then ever. VOSTM works well even on free wireless available in many hotels, coffee shops, public libraries, etc.

      Snow day? Saturday project? Katrina? (extreme, but real examples) VOSTM clients need only find the closest computer with Internet and they're able to run their business.

      VOS™ can change a $.25Mill, 18 month project into a $8k/month 8 week rollout just as easily as changing a $12k, 6 week project into a $250/month 10 day upgrade!

      Visit the site to learn more!