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    Seeking partner/ investor with video game design backround..

    DeanMalibu Adventurer
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      Just Games!” is an up and coming video game retailer that host up
      to 12 people in our live lounge, we sell video games & equipment
      (rent,new,used, & trade) we sell food, got the gamers feed them!
      also movies (rent,new,used, & trade) the best part this is all
      delivered. We also have a video game incubator workshop where the
      customers make video games, we offer only the computers and software
      for them to use for free. They gain valuable insight into the
      industry, we own and sell the games as well as give them credit &
      help them develop their portfolio as well as guidance on which
      schools are right for them.*
      ideal partner is a video game designer, with the financial backing to
      help get this off the ground. We need 167k to get this off the
      ground, serious investors only apply. Will be located in
      Nacogdoches, Texas near the college. We will be hosting a three day
      tournament on our grand opening.</strong</p>

      *Preferably designer must have experience with Xbox 360 developement...and be willing to relocate to Nacogdoches, Texas...unless we are able to make this an online partnership with on going consultation in regards to projects.*<br /<br />Our video game incubator is a way to give back to the community as well as point up and coming designers in the right direction.