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    This may be putting the cart before the horse....

    DeanMalibu Adventurer
      I still need an Investor, but I have been working non-stop on a marketing campaign for my business. Since I would be competing head to head with Gamestop, this is what I came up with.
      I will be doing a soft opening first, inviting friends, family, and local business owners. They will be given report cards to grade our food, atmosphere, and staff. A week later we will have our grand opening. I have been working to get Dr. Pepper & Snapple as investors, as well as working with Novelquest to insure everybody in the U.S. hears about the event. I will be hosting a 3 day video game tournament where the grand prize will be the Novelquest Emperor. This is an extremely high end gaming & computing computing device. Valued at over 42k, this will justify the $150.00 entry fee. This event would serve to do two things, one it would establish "Not Just Games!" as a seerious entity in the video gaming retail industry. Two the event will push sales immediately, as well as give me great working capitol & boosting thhe local economy. Any thoughts or input would be nice.