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    Marketing people

    aBeadAvenue Newbie

      Has anyone had success advertising for sales representatives in the Wall Street Journal?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Yes, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are great sources for sales reps.
          You want to make your ad different and interesting.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            Ed O'Gee Adventurer
            My suggestion is to take a look at the type of sales rep you need. Is it professional services? Is it equipment? Whatever it is look at your industries trade association and advertise with them.
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              Ed is right-- depends on your industry. We have found reps through our own network.
              Have you tried LinkedIn? You can contact folks who are friends of friends.
              And it's free-- you don't have to pay.

              I am friends with the CTO of LinkedIn, to provide full disclosure--
              but I would still recommend that as a great way to find qualified resources.
              You get to check out who they are, who they know-- way better than a resume.