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    Dry Cells Are Effective And Produce More HHO - Save On Gas!!

    bashers Wayfarer
      We manufacture Water4Gas kits and components. If you don't have a faulty Oxygen Sensor and Map/Maf Sensors, you'll achieve 35% or more Mileage per Gallon.

      You have to install a complete Dry Cell System Kit to achieve the above results. Our Complete Kits comes with the following;

      1 x 11 Plate Dry Cell Generators
      1 x PCV Enhancer
      1 x Map Sensor Enhancer
      1 x Oxygen Sensor Enhancer (sold separately)
      1 x 6' Vacuum Hose Installation
      Instruction Manual
      Electrical accessories for complete & easy installation

      If you intend to install the Dry Cell System kit in your car or for a client or friend, we recommend you install all the components that make up a complete Hydrogen On Demand kit to achieve satisfactory results. Our Dry Cell System Kits produce 1.8 - 2.5 Liters per minute and literal add 5 to 7 miles per gallon saving 35% to 45% on gas.

      Take advantage of our Reduced Prices & save at the gas pump!

      To order on-line visit our website at;