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    20% apr Seeking Investors for lucrative Start up.

    illusionaries Wayfarer
      Yes, we have a business plan and can justify our annual net profit to sales ratio of 20%+. Our annual projection of sales for a regular season is over $9 mil while expenses are consistent from year to year leaving the only major variations to be upgrades and expansions.

      We have a diverse product offering of multiple revenue streams and a managerial group of seasoned theater and business professionals.

      We currently have over $1.9 mil in assets and will soon own a theater for our diverse service/product lines in a major U.S. resort destination (the #1 "drive-to" vacation spot Branson.)

      We have currently sold a commited $200k plus for preferred stock and seek to raise an additional $1 mil for preproduction expenses and expenses for the first month's operaton. Revenues streams begin a month before opening from services and presale of tickets.

      We are offering a 20% dividend annual for 5 years, with buy-out progressively to a full exit at the end of 5 years. Minimum buy-in is $10,000. Finder's fees are possible.

      Please, for business plan and serious inquiries only, to my mail box:

      Michael Rossetti